Utah Statewide Health Improvement Plan

Utah Statewide Health Improvement Plan 2012

The purpose of the Utah Statewide Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is to focus and unite the Utah Public Health System in efforts to improve the health of those who live, work and prosper in our beautiful state. The SHIP is a road map to guide collective efforts of the twelve (now thirteen) Local Health Departments and the state Health Department in planning and implementing important strategies.  

The SHIP Steering Committee and Leadership Team are committed to providing continuity and future direction for strengthening the policies and activities that serve the people of Utah. We value the state-local partnerships required to enhance and sustain an effective statewide public health system. To that end, a Statewide Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is being developed. A retreat to begin developing this plan was held in October of 2012. Participants included public health leaders from state and local health departments and some key partners, who were asked to develop a set of realistic and achievable SHIP goals. These goals are the backbone of the Utah Statewide Health Improvement Plan.


Strategy 1: Educate Schools and School Districts about incorporating physical activity for students for health and educational benefits
Strategy 2:  Promote healthy family meals

Strategy 1: Increase immunization rates throughout a person’s life-cycle.
Strategy 2: Maximize the potential of Utah Statewide Immunization Information System (USIIS)
Strategy 3: Work with WIC to improve immunization rates among participants

Strategy 1: Primary - Build on principles of effective local and state partnerships.

Transition from the Strategic Mapping Process to the Statewide Health Improvement Plan
In 2010, the the twelve Local Health Departments in Utah and the Utah Department of Health engaged in a Strategic MAPPing process. The goals for the Strategic MAPPing process were:
  • Build state and local collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Align funding and resources with public health priorities
  • Extend the reach of the public health system
These goals will remain relevant to creating an effective statewide public health system into the foreseeable future whether or not they are being addressed through the formal SHIP process. 

As with the SHIP process, the Strategic MAPPing process began with State and Local public health leaders participating in an off-site retreat. 
The goals and strategies list concepts and activities for achieving the overall Utah Mapping Goal to: Unite the Public Health System to Improve Effectiveness in All Communities.

Strategic Mapping work during  2011/2012 focused on five areas: roles and responsibilities; preparedness; collaboration; physical activity, nutrition and obesity; and tobacco. 
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