Utah - California

          Birthmother Searches

                                                                           Reuniting Parties to Adoption for 20 years                         

   Recent Reunions:  2008-2009

Wendy:  Seeking birthgrandfather as father was adopted when 7.  Found in Texas 2009. 

Natalie:  Adoptive Mom lost touch with   open arranged birthmother 3 years ago.

Found they had both gotten new unlisted phone numbers.  Good reunion.  2009

Debi:  Found her proported birthfather.  Doing DNA  2008

Tom:  Found Tom 2008 Nov, Tamara's dad, she

hadn't had contact with for over 10 years.

Was found in a coma in his apt.

Suzanne:  Found her son's birthmom

and son's half siblings.  Mom dead, but

grandma raised all the other siblings

Kylee:  Found her brothers and mother

Looks identical to her brother back east.  Found 5/2007

John: Found father's family and siblings from his father's second marriage, while looking for his adopted out brother in NY. 3/2007

 Bart:  California adoptee  birthmom was from Utah..found his sister...looking for  other full sibling

MeeSung:  From Korea to Norway, father moved to US.  Both had been looking all their lives. Great!

DeeAnn:  Utah adoptee, found mom 80 yrs old, who never had any  kids wonderful reunion!

Debi:  Utah adoptee, mother was an adoptee also, and birthparents were never able to have own kids!

Michael:  CA adoptee, mother never had own kids after adoptee...wonderful reunion!

Karen:  Found mom in CA. Sister too

Julie:  CA birthmother.  Found daughter she had for 1 year before placing.  Adoptee has full siblings.

Carolyn:  Ut born, CA birthmom. 

Ray:  Found birthdaughter, who was fraudulantly placed by girlfriend.  Daughter had never bonded with         her adopted dad, and her adopted parents divorced.  He was thrilled!

Roberta:  Found NM birthmom, and siblings

Meg:  Found birthfamily.  She and her brother were adopted together, bio family were tight knit Basque.

LaVar:  My favorite search.  He was 1/2 Hawaiian and found his Hawaiian clan, went back to royalty.

Dan:  Found his birthfather's hispanic family in UT, who welcomed him with opened arms!

Mike:  CA adoptee found his mom in NV.  She was thrilled.

Lorene/Mike:  Mike has  genetic Huntington's Disease, and found his mom and siblings in CA.



  In Process:

Looking for Navajo birthmother, last name Johnson.

Looking for CA birthmother, last name Cyr

Looking for NV birthmother, last name Young / Matrick

Looking for CA birthmother, no last name, had 7 kids before adopting out last one.


Have done many twin and sibling reunions. 


Searching for Mother Ontiveras who gave

birth to twins in CA and twins ended up

in Utah living within 15 miles of each other. 


Having trouble getting through the maze of all the adoption access laws? 


My services can save you time and money.  Please email me for a free consultation regarding your situation.  All consultations are personal and private.   

I am certfied by ISC [Independent Search Consultants] an organization that demands high ethical standards, and expert knowledge of resources for adoptees. Specialize in California, Utah and other states.

I recently wrote an article for Everton's Family History Magazine on Cutting Through the Red Tape of Adoption, which summarizes how adoption laws, regarding access of information began, changed and where they stand in each state currently.  



Cathy Millerd, ISC Utah

Adoption Reunion Specialist

30 years Genealogy Research



Read "Cutting Through the Red Tape of Adoption"





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