I am....a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then.
                                                        -John Ford

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      This page is devoted to information about wild mushrooms in Utah. MSU is a club whose members take an interest in the study of fungi. We are often asked if there are any mushrooms in Utah. The answer is an absolute - Yes!

      The public is welcome at all our activities. A small donation is requested from non members. Check out our schedule of upcoming events.

      If you are planning on hunting and identifying mushrooms, here is a recommended list of things you may want to take along.

      After you've found and 'positively' identified your choice edible, here are some suggestions on cooking with them.

      For more information contact Don at 801-942-0637 

      Recent Announcements

      • 2014 Fall Foray - Kamas, UT After a disappointing summer, the 2014 Fall Foray turned out to be simply fantastic. Great food, great friends, great hunting. We saw species not seen in 20 years, and others never seen in Utah. Of particular interest were Clitocybe nuda, Lactarius torminosus and Lactarius controversus.We were very fortunate to have Austen Diamond, photographer and award winning journalist, join us on our foray. Please check out his wonderful photos of our foray at his site www.13percentsalt.com.Thanks to all for another great foray!
        Posted Sep 26, 2014, 6:37 PM by Brett Sutherland
      • 2013-8-31 Foray We had a fun foray in the Uintas at mostly lower elevations. Finds included:some Boletus edulisArmilarria ostoyaeStrophariaHygrophorusTricholomaand othersWe had a number of contributions to the put luck and Don cooked up some of the Armilarria. Thanks to all who attended!
        Posted Sep 5, 2013, 6:16 PM by Brett Sutherland
      • 2013 Fall Foray We had a great time. The food was excellent and there was a tremendous variety in the mushrooms found. There weren't, however, a lot of Boletus Edulis found. Given the conditions we were all surprised that we didn't find more. That said, there were a more Chanterelles found than normal, including the elusive Polyozellus multiplex.Steve Trudell gave gave an excellent presentation on Mycorhiza and an informative table walk of the noteworthy specimens.Thanks to Steve. He has co-authored an excellent book "Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest". He brought several with him, as well as another book on Tricholoma, which sold quickly.
        Posted Sep 5, 2013, 5:58 PM by Brett Sutherland
      • First Foray of 2011!  Yeseterday was soooo beautiful! Today, not so much. However, we had an excellent showing of old timers and new timers. We met at the usual spot on 39th South to group up and head out. The Foray Site was new to several of us and was simply beautiful.   As for the finds? Pleurotus and Flammulina. Nothing more. That said, they were both familiar and welcome to a number of us. None of us can forget the excitement of the first find. Check out this wonderful young specimen gathered by Rob.      This is one of the larger Flammulina's I have seen. It was gathered by Aaron. Sorry for cutting you in half!   Stephanie and Mark brought their newest addition to ...
        Posted Sep 5, 2013, 5:29 PM by Brett Sutherland
      • 2011 MSU Feast The annual feast could not have been better. The food and company were all fantastic. Many thanks to outgoing President Jim Stringfellow and to the inimitable Ardean Watts for hosting this event.  A new slate of officers was proposed and voted upon as follows: President - Stephanie Cannon Vice President - Jill Allen Vice President - Brett Sutherland Secretary - Don Johnston Membership Secretary - Bill Thomas Treasurer - Cindy Thomas We are looking forward to a great year and great times! If you would like to volunteer or are just interested in learning more about mushrooms in Utah, please  contact us.
        Posted Sep 5, 2013, 5:30 PM by Brett Sutherland
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