Funeral Consumers Alliance of Utah

  If you feel this is a good cause a donation of any amount is needed & appreciated!

None of the below pdf files are appearing right now.  I don't know why yet.  If you would like to see any please email me which ones. 


Utah Morturary Price Survey for 2009:





Why Plan your funeral today?  Be Interviewed by a loved one, it's funner that way:



Assigna specific person to control the disposition of your remains:



CASKETS should cost less than $700:



LDS? Catholic? Baptist?, Does your church talk about CREMATION?



If your LIVING WILL is older than Jan 2008 or you don't have one then you need to fill out this new & easy form for Utah residents:


Utahs' office of Vital Records: Instructions on how to file a death certificate:


There is a new Home Funeral Committee  willing to serve residents of Orem/Provo free of charge.  Call 801-226-2323 for service or to volunteer.

For those who desire a home funeral in other states:

We are a non-profit all-volunteer-run organization. 

We are an affiliated member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance:

We are an educational association dedicated to consumer’s rights.

We show you how to control funeral costs.

We are not a prepayment or insurance plan and will not refer you to any.

We monitor legislative issues, that they are consumer friendly.

Our top 10 Utah tips: FCABROCHURE2009.pdf

your donation supports:

·    Transferable membership to over 100 affiliates nationwide

·    Biennial Price Survey of funeral dealerships throughout Utah

·    Alternatives to pre-paid contracts

·    Detailed pre-planning forms

·    Advice on Green alternatives: FCAbrochureGREENBURIAL.doc

·    Free basic help for everyone

·    Availability of FCA in the future