Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration

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The Coalition consists of:

Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration speaks out on Shurtleff actions - KSL report -  http://sn.im/z4ula

Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration Press Release

SALT LAKE CITY —July 7, 2010—Leaders of the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration believe Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff may be failing in his duties to his office. These groups cite Shurtleff's refusal to enforce existing immigration laws, his attempt to use his position to influence law-abiding church policy thereby thwarting First Amendment rights, and his attempt to negotiate a Mexican state "guest worker" program as reasons to seriously question his ability to uphold his responsibility as Utah's attorney general.

With mounting pressure on taxpayer-subsidized entitlement programs and the Utah workforce, the coalition requests Attorney General Mark Shurtleff not only to enforce the laws, but also support Arizona in defending its law against a federal court challenge. The coalition encourages Utah's lawmakers to join the growing movement toward state-enforcement of immigration law, which the federal government has neglected for so long.

"Shurtleff's efforts to enlist The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support individuals committing work-related felonies go beyond the Attorney General's responsibilities," said Ronald Mortensen, coalition spokesman and co-founder of CitizensForTaxFairness.org. "Rather than defending illegal immigrants, the Attorney General must support Arizona's efforts to defend itself just as enthusiastically as he has supported other states in their fight for gun rights and in their opposition to federal health care reform legislation."

By appealing to LDS officials, Shurtleff joined with the demands of illegal immigrant activists such as Proyecto Latino de Utah's Tony Yapias. Recently, Yapias orchestrated a letter-writing campaign pressuring LDS leaders to oppose illegal immigration legislation, which directly rebuffs the LDS church's time-honored principle of "obeying, honoring and sustaining the law."

Shurtleff's opposition to an Arizona-type law also lends support to the goals of other militant groups such as the separatist Brown Berets and anarchist Revolutionary Students Union.

According to Congressional Budget Office report, The Impact of Unauthorized Immigrants on the Budgets of State and Local Governments, 75 percent of illegal immigrants are committing felonies including fraud, perjury, and tax evasion. NumbersUSA reports that over 40 percent of guest workers intentionally overstay their visas and then become part of the illegal immigrant landscape. "If the Federal government won't do its job, then we must work through state legislation," stated Cherilyn Eagar, the former U.S. Senate candidate honored as Immigration Reform Candidate by national immigration policy organization NumbersUSA. "Attorney General Shurtleff and Utah's Sutherland Institute want to implement a guest worker amnesty-style program for Utah's 100,000 illegal immigrants. By doing so, they encourage and condone these crimes. Shurtleff needs to attend to his duties and should not be wrongfully coercing the LDS church."

Coalition leaders agree that illegal immigration is not a matter of race, profiling or separatism. The coalition believes compassion is an individual choice, not a public mandate. Those who circumvent the legal process jeopardize society on many levels including taking American citizens' jobs, using taxpayer-funded services, engaging in illegal activities and undermining national security. "The rule of law is fundamental to freedom and religious liberty. Our immigration laws require responsibility and accountability," said Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka. "We welcome those who come here legally and who benefit American society. Compassion is an admirable trait, but our first priority is compassion for American citizens who are forced to bear the serious consequences and costs resulting from people who choose to ignore and break the law."

Coalition members include Ronald Mortensen, coalition spokesman and co-founder of Citizens for Tax Fairness.org; Robert Wren, chairman of UFIRE; Jim Flohr, vice chairman, Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration of Washington County; Eli Cawley, Utah Minutemen Project; Gayle Ruzicka, president, Utah Eagle Forum; and Cherilyn Eagar, former U.S. Senate candidate and Utah's Common Sense Conservative.

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AG Shurtleff's Response:

Statement from Utah Attorney General's Office

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is doing his duty by following the separation of powers outlined in the U.S. Constitution. The Federal government enforces federal laws, which includes immigration. Utah enforces state laws which is why the A.G. Criminal Alien SECURE Strike Force is aggressively going after illegal immigrants who are dealing drugs, gang-banging, murdering, stealing identities and running fake ID mills. Utah is making a significant difference targeting illegal aliens violating state laws and we must continue to insist that the federal government to do its job of securing the border.

Attorney General Shurtleff joins Governor Gary Herbert and others in asking more people to join the discussion on illegal immigration. The Attorney General has simply asked the LDS Church to take part in that discussion but he is not dictating what position the church should take.

Attorney General Shurtleff calls on the "Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration" and all Utahns to work together on a solution. The Coalition is not advancing the cause of justice by misrepresenting the Attorney General's position or disregarding the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers.

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These groups will work together to ensure that citizens from across the state have a strong, unified voice in the debate over illegal immigration.  The immediate focus will be to help pass state and local legislation that addresses the following negative impacts of illegal immigration including:
·         massive document fraud and identity theft (felonies) that impacts tens of thousands of Utahns including up to 20,000 Utah children,
·         misuse of taxpayer funds to hire illegal aliens and to provide benefits to illegal aliens,
·         higher property taxes to offset the cost of educating the children of the estimated 100,000 illegal aliens in Utah,
·         rapidly escalating health insurance costs as the medical community is forced to shift costs from uninsured illegal aliens to insured Utahns, and
·         the suppression of wages.
The Coalition supports legislation that will alleviate the negative impacts of illegal immigration and end Utah's magnet and sanctuary state status.
1)      Stop Illegal Immigrant Driven Child Identity Theft .  The coalition supports bills that would require public and private employers to verify the social security numbers, date of birth, etc. of all new hires by using the federal government's free, E-Verify program or any private sector program that will achieve the same results.   This simple check would stop the epidemic of illegal immigrant driven child identity theft since an illegal alien could not use a child's date of birth on an I-9 form.
2)      Stop Supporting Illegal Immigration With Taxpayer Funds.   State and local government's refusal to require their contractors and agencies to verify the legal status of their employees or beneficiaries guarantees that taxpayer funds continue to go to illegal aliens using fraudulent documents and stolen identities.   The coalition supports bills that would put an end to this practice.  
3)      End Utah's Magnet and Sanctuary State Status.
a)      Repeal In-State Tuition.   A student who is illegally in the United States cannot legally work in the United States either during the time that he or she is going to school or after graduation.   If these students do work for reputable employers they will have to commit multiple felonies including document fraud, falsification of an I-9 under penalty of perjury and possibly identity theft.   Mitt Romney recognized this problem when he vetoed in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Massachusetts.
b)      Repeal Utah's Driving Privilege Card.   Utah 's driving privilege card serves as a magnet for illegal aliens.  In spite of limitations, it is widely used for identification which jeopardizes national security.   In fact, during the heated debate over New York's proposal to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens, Department of Homeland Secretary Chertoff said "I do not endorse and I do not think it is a good idea to give undocumented workers licenses or IDs of any kind.   In order to insure that those present understood his position, he repeated it four times during the course of a press conference.
c)      Deny Benefits to Individuals Unlawfully in the United States.   The coalition supports bills that would deny taxpayer funded benefits that are not federally mandated to individuals unlawfully in the United States.
d)      287g Program.   The coalition supports legislation that would encourage state and local law enforcement agencies to enroll in the federal government's 287g program so they can enforce U.S. immigration law.
e)  Add to SB-81 by requiring all Utah employers to check the employment status of their workers, and add an enforcement mechanism to require public employers to check the status of their employees and require contractors on public projects to do the same.
The Coalition opposes the following proposed legislation:
  1. An Immigration Task Force .  This is nothing more than a stalling tactic which will allow illegal immigrant driven child identity theft and the misuse of taxpayer funds to hire illegal aliens committing the felonies of document fraud, child identity theft and perjury.   The problem is well known and bills currently before the legislature are fully consistent with what other states have already done.
  2. Resolution Calling on Congress to Enact Immigration Reform .  Like the task force, this is a stalling tactic designed to defer action on substantive immigration reform for another year.   It allows governments and business to continue to hire and support illegal aliens who have committed multiple felonies of document fraud, identity theft and falsification of I-9 forms and offers no protection at all from identity theft to Utah's families.