1st Engineer Special Brigade,
4th & 90th Infantry Division,
101st Airborne Division, Navy and Airforce 
UTAH Beach, Normandy Memorials

This website is dedicated to, and in honor of, the men from the
US 1st Engineer Special Brigade, US infantry and airborne divisions, naval and air forces
who fought in Normandy at UTAH Beach, on D-Day 6th June 1944,
and who subsequently lost their lives during the Normandy Campaign.

              US Navy Memorial 
                                                                              1st Engineer Special Brigade Memorial
UTAH Beach Bunker Memorial                    1st ESB Memorial, KM00 & US Navy Memorial                   UTAH Beach

531st Engineer Shore Regiment. US Army,
Service No: 6930156.
Killed in Action: June 25 1944.
Age 27.

Buried Section P, Site 1020-G.
Marietta National Cemetery,
500 Washington Avenue, Marietta,
Georgia 30060