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A very brief history

Autism is constantly in the news and there are many questions, new and old, that can only be solved by basic research. We focus on studies of neuro-cognitive processes, that is, what happens in the brain and in the mind of the person with autism. We study this over the whole life, not only in children, but in adults of all ages.  

One of the enduring questions we  continue to ask is: How can the signs and symptoms of autism be explained by psychological theories?

To allow for a fast response to research questions as new ideas and techniques become available, I set up a  network of ICN-based researchers. This is a network to stimulate and facilitate research on autism, Asperger Syndrome and other disorders on the autism spectrum. One aim is to enable other cognitive neuroscientists to test their theories using a well documented sample of participants in collaboration with autism researchers based at ICN


With similar aims in mind I founded the network autism@aarhus in 2010. 

We have since had Anniversary Meetings at CFIN Aarhus University every August. This is a forum for researchers to present and update their projects. We also have invited speakers to give keynote lectures. In addition there are regular meetings for the researchers. 

Hans Asperger in his clinic

Hans Asperger working with children in his clinic in Vienna, ca 1938