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English Week Homework                                                                       German Week Homework

  English Vocabulary and spelling                                                                  German Vocabulary and Dictations

 Math Links
Think Math

On-line Third Grade Math Skills Games
Fun online math activities, practicing all skills necessary for 3rd grade.

Subtraction! This site shows helpful strategies for subtraction thinking skills.

Multiplication! This is a great site for practicing multiplication tables.

German Multiplication Site
Division! This shows one of the main strategies we are learning in class (and is a bit different than from what you and I learned in school)

Daily Schedule

IB units and schedule
IB-Learner Profile
Lernen Im Netz
German websites for our IB units!!!!

 Mystery Reader      (volunteer book  read-aloud)
 Frau Fischer
 Week of 9/17/2012
German Week

  Monday PE

  Wednesday youth trainer
  Thursday PE

spelling test

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at all. The best way to reach me is through my school e-mail, ufischer@aeacs.org.