Links for download!

Fresh way to install UT99:

Get your game based on your operating system. Install the demo, then use the patch to update the demo game.


Some extra stuff, good for fixes.
UTv436 Dual Core Fix:
UTv436 Multi Core Fix:
UTv451 Multi Core Fix: Not recommended to run client UT as v451
Or you can set the single core to UT manually by firing up your UT.exe, search for it in task manager, set affinity,
set it and restart for it to take effect to be sure. This will prevent UT's confusion of using core to run UT normally.

UT99 Render Drivers:
Verified and acceptable graphic renders!

Good for a lot of fixes, for both server and client! Recommended if you wanna try it out. & if anything goes wrong, feel free to post in the thread for help or such.

Other stuff. Pimp out your UT!
XConsole - do more stuff instead of just the plain old UT console.
For recent update:
Older version of XConsole:

DemoManager v3.3 - automatically record your demo, review your demo, and more!

UTCacheCleaner 3:
This will help you manage cache file.

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