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Honduras Project

Goal:  Supply first aid kits to Chorti villages in western Honduras and determine a way to sustain the supplies.  Create a coloring book that teaches children in the villages how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Outcomes:  Sent 11 first aid kits to our contacts in Honduras who then distributed them to the villages.  Each kit was accompanied by a list of the contents with pictures of the bottles and descriptions of how to use them in Spanish and a sheet of paper that is filled out by the person responsible for kit that describes what the contents were used for.  When a village requests refills from our contacts, they bring the sheet to them.  All supplies that are requested must be documented on the sheet so that our contacts can review how they are being used.  Sent 100 coloring books (and pdf file) and sets of large crayons to our contacts for distribution to the children in the region.  We received the following report from our contact:

“Last week Billy finished a school in Las Brisas de San Juan.  Your coloring books were perfect for them.  This is one of the poorest schools we have worked with.  They have a great male teacher who will be excellent to work with.  I am looking forward to working with him.  The only text book he had was for math which he only received week before last.  So, your coloring book is serving as his health book:)  I am attaching some pictures so you can share them with whomever.”

Future: We plan to start engaging the communities in paying for some of the first aid supplies, so that they take a larger part in the health of their community.  We would like to start collecting books in Spanish that the teaches of these communities can share between one another to improve the education in the region.