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Bayou, For You

Project: Gulf Coast Restoration Bank

In March 2009, 14 UT for REED members and friends traveled to New Orleans to aid in the continuing restoration of areas damaged by recent hurricanes.  The group was was supported by the Friends of Alec and various private donors.  The Longhorns who volunteered came from a variety of schools across the UT campus and were joined by two students from the University of North Texas and Lockhart High School.  They traveled to and from New Orleans together in vans and were hosted by a family in Lake View- allowing a lot of time to get to know one another!

The  volunteers woke up each day at 6:30am to work with NGOs on a variety of projects until 4:30pm.  They participated in infrastructure restoration with Relief Spark by restoring homes and refurbishing a McDonough Charter School.  Some of the volunteers even helped to tutor students from the charter school during the week.  The group also got involved in environmental restoration with Bayou Rebirth.