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UT3 CV part 1

UT3 Basic Vehicle Tutorial

Part 1 3ds Max set-up and Export

ok let make things clear from the start i'm writing this as i'm learning how to do it, so if it doesn't work for you check back later or post questions at the Epic UT3 forum UT3 Character + Weapon Tutorial . So lets start in max with a simple Jetbike which we will use the Manta code later

First we need to align our mesh to the X-axis, you'll notice the funny objects at the front of the weapons, well their are simple mesh objects which will be our bones when we skin the mesh(don't forget to align them to x-axis aswell). Skinning allows us to add as many bones as we need, for this mesh i'm keeping it really simple eg:- engine + 2 bones for the weapon + 2 bones for the exhausts. Now we can export our first mesh via actorx, at the same time export a 2 frame anim for later use.

You will also need various static meshes to form your damage debris, but at least 1 for the dead vehicle. So export your mesh as an ase file so that we can import it as a staticmesh in UT3-Ed.

Ok thats the basics but i need to learn more about the morph sets and how they work so pop back in a few days to see how far i've got

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