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UT3 CC Part 3



UT3 Character Tutorial

Part 3 Mesh setup


Ok now we import all our character meshes, watch the naming of the shoulderpads eg meshname_LShoPad01 for the leftshoulderpad and meshname_RShoPad01 for the rightshoulderpad otherwise they won't work !!


Now select each mesh in turn, double click or right click/Animset editor, make sure your mesh is named and in the SkeletalMesh properties open the materials and apply your MIC material. To make sure every thing sits right you must change the Origin Z to -51 and the RotOrigin Yaw to -90


more extra fun next as certain meshes need to have extra sockets,

Here's a list of which mesh needs which sockets

arms:- DualWeaponPoint - b_LeftWeapon , WeaponPoint - b_RightWeapon

torso:- HeadShotGoreSocket - b_Neck

boots:- L_JB -b_LeftAnkle , R_JB -b_RightAnkle

to do this in the animset editor menu/mesh/socket manager

click on New Socket browse till you get the right one and click ok

now enter the socket name


once you've added all the required sockets to the meshes we can continue



Editing the Custom Chartacter ini

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