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UT3 CC Part 1



UT3 Character Tutorial

Part 1 3ds max setup


To start of download the UT3 characters from http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/UT3Mods.html#Custom Characters, load the UT3_male.max file, accept all changes, now right click in a viewport and click on unhide all now open the select objects dialog and select the meshs shown and delete them, this will leave you with the base skeleton you 'll need to make a human character. save the file with an unique name eg: UT3_human_skeleton.max


Before you split your mesh into section it's a good idea to make sure your uvw maps fit into the regions set by epic

UT3 character uv regions

Head Texture

head - HeadRegions(0)=(SizeX=2048,SizeY=1024)
eyes+mouth - HeadRegions(1)=(OffsetY=1024,SizeX=256,SizeY=256)
mouth - HeadRegions(2)=(OffsetX=256,OffsetY=1024,SizeX=256,SizeY=256)
neck cut - HeadRegions(3)=(OffsetY=1280,SizeX=256,SizeY=256)
helmet_full - HeadRegions(4)=(OffsetX=1024,OffsetY=1024,SizeX=1024,SizeY=1024)
facemask - HeadRegions(5)=(OffsetX=512,OffsetY=1024,SizeX=512,SizeY=512)
goggles - HeadRegions(6)=(OffsetY=1536,SizeX=512,SizeY=256)
chest Female - HeadRegions(7)=(OffsetX=512,OffsetY=1536,SizeX=512,SizeY=512)
neck - HeadRegions(8)=(OffsetY=1792,SizeX=512,SizeY=256)

Body Texture

torso - BodyRegions(0)=(SizeX=1152,SizeY=1024)
legs - BodyRegions(1)=(OffsetY=1024,SizeX=1152,SizeY=1024)
pads - BodyRegions(2)=(OffsetX=1152,SizeX=896,SizeY=384)
arms - BodyRegions(3)=(OffsetX=1152,OffsetY=384,SizeX=896,SizeY=896)
boots - BodyRegions(4)=(OffsetX=1152,OffsetY=1280,SizeX=896,SizeY=768)


Now scale and fit your mesh on to the skeleton, don't forget your mesh must be in sections (not to sure why but this is how i did it) eg.arms, boots, head .... now apply a skin modifier to each section and rig/skin your mesh. Important in the skin modifier when you add bones select only the bones with the b_ prefix eg. b_head. Don't forget save your file again




Ok now to the fun bit select a section of your mesh and now open the actorx exporter, select an output folder and enter a mesh name and click on Save Mesh, Important is in the actorx setup make sure you have all skin-type , all selected and cull unused dummies checked




Now we can move on to setting up the materials in UnrealEd for UT3

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