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UT3 Tutorials

UT3 Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Custom Characters

Part 1 - setting up and exporting from 3ds max

Page 2 - Material setup in UT3-Ued

Part 3 Mesh setup

Part 4 Custom Character ini setup

Shakeno's Quick work round

Part 5 Character Coding Tutorial


Custom Weapons

Part 1 - setup and exporting from 3ds max

Part 2 - Setting up a weapon in UT3-Ed

Part 3 - Basic Weapon coding

Part 4 Compiling, Game Testing, Fault Finding


Custom Vehicles

Part 1 - Basic vehicle setup & export from 3ds max

Part 2 Adding a Basic Physics_set

Part 3 A Simple AnimTree

Part 4 Material setup for Vehicles

Part 5 Basic Vehicle Coding