Just shows how often i come here. Sorry for not updating but as mentioned in the last post most updates for UT40k are posted on the Moddb site and any new videos are posted on my youtube channel

as a little show on how far UT40k has come in the last year here's a short video testing the temp menu system


Yes again a long time since the last site update but if you have been following the game on our Moddb page you'll know we're still at it.
The main reason i'm updating the site is for those people who don't have access to youtube, i've started uploading my video's to Rapidshare for you so hopefully you'll be able to download them and make at least some of your dreams come true.
ps. let me know on my epic forum support thread if you need more video's

Ok it's been a long time again but i've been busy on a few other bits and pieces, as always you can pick up the latest build of UT40k at http://www.moddb.com/mods/ut40k-the-chosen, for those of you how use Blender for modeling then it might be worth your while having a quiock look at my Blender->UDK videos which are hosted on my Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/ut40kgeodav .
At the Moment I'm considering release some extra videos showing how i got the WarWalker to work but you'll have to wait on that catch you soon Geo

For those that follow my video tutorials, you'll find updated video's in the UDK Video Tutorials page. The videos cover setting a basic project in UDK, i hope you find these usefull.


a quick video of the Eldar WarWalker which you can now play in-game


many months later a small update, many people have been asking for the content files for my "DavCorp" tutorials, well at last i've put these into 2 files, 1st is the content file which includes the UDK packages and code for you to tryout, 2nd is the max files which contain my max and texture files so that you can ripp them apart and see how they work. you'll find the links in the UDK Video Tutorials page hope you have fun Cheers Geodav


ok long time no see, you may have noticed i don't post a lot here as most of the Mod/Game work is posted over at our Moddb page. Also it time i got a few more tutorials done "but" mod work is more important, so if you get really stuck with thing then give me a shout on the Epic forumĀ  UT3/UDK Video Tutorials List


Sorry for not updating this page, it's been a very busy time for me and the UT40k team. Over the last few months we've been doing our best to port the UT3 version of the mod to the UDK setup, this will allow us to produce a stand-alone game which anyone with a half decent computer to play, it just means lots more work for us. Feel free to pop over to our Moddb page to get the latest download for you to test.

For those who are interested i'm also re-starting my video tutorials but this time using the UDK be warned i'll be using the stuff i did for UT3 so watch them first.

19.10.09 Been a while

Ok so whats happening, well we've had a few new guys join the team so we're hopeful that things will pick up a little on the content/code side, while i do try to remember to update this site please pop over to the main place http://www.moddb.com/mods/ut40k-the-chosen where you can see pictures and videos of what we have put inĀ  hope to see you there. Cheers Geodav

02.08.09 All go at UT40k

Just a quick update as to whats happening, well i've nearly got all the written tutorials ported over as you can see in the site map (top left). I will over the next few months add a gallery and other stuff to the web site. for those who can't find our forum then please go to Forum. It's a brand new start so please do your best and bring it to life. On the mod side i'm getting close to a new build this will have mainly code fixes with a few graphic supprises which include a few new team colours, so keep an eye out for the update cheers Geodav

12.07.09 Been a while again.
So whats been happening with our mod, well a few ups and down in the last 6 weeks. The Big problem we have atm is the fact that PlanetUnreal (IGN) have cancelled all hosting which means I have to find a new home for our mod this includes Website and Forum by the end of August, in the mean time you can still find us at our Moddb page http://www.moddb.com/mods/ut40k-the-chosen. As for a forum please keep an eye out for further details. For those of you who are not members of the beta team we have been testing a latest build since mid june.. see you next month. cheers Geodav