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Carmella Mongold

Greetings Staff and State Presidents!

 Happy Fall to all Treasurers.  We are in the midst of our 31 bag fundraiser that runs 9-18-16 to 10-9-16.  Please check out the website for the flyer.

Here are great qualities of a good Treasurer:

The Treasurer is largely influential in proper financial management and thus, also greatly affects the public’s perception, trust, and assurance in the organization management. Therefore, organizations should seek desirable qualifications in a Treasurer such as financial literacy, attention to detail, timeliness in completing tasks, neat and accurate record keeping, and a willingness to ask questions. And guess what???  That is YOU!

And never forget the following:

The Treasurer may have many important duties specific to its role, including: 

Bank account maintenance – Selecting a bank, signing checks, and investing excess funds wisely

Financial transaction oversight – Being knowledgeable about who has access to the organization’s funds, and any outstanding bills or debts owed, as well as developing systems for keeping cash flow manageable

Budgets – Developing the annual budget as well as comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget

Financial Policies – Overseeing the development and observation of the organization's financial policies

Reports – Keeping the board regularly informed of key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health in addition to completing required financial reporting forms in a timely fashion and making these forms available to the board

Finance Committee (if applicable) – Serving as Chair of the Finance Committee 

May each and every one of you have a wonderful Holiday season!

Let’s all join the drive to become “Fiscally Fit”

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