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Sue Beattie


BEE-Accurate & Timely

Hello Everyone,

 What can I say?  I’m addicted.  To Women of Today of course!

My name is Suzanne Beattie and I am serving as your national secretary this year.  Although I’ve held this position on the chapter, state and national level before, I’m still excited to share the importance of being accurate and timely when recording the history of our organization.

 John, my husband, has been very supportive of my many years in Women of Today and has enjoyed meeting members from many states.  He understands why I love this organization.  I also share my home (and heart) with my two dogs; a Bichon named Buffy and a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix named Bailey.  We all live in the town of Bellingham, MA.

 I encourage members to share throughout the year.  At the year-end meeting, a drawing will be held for everyone who participated in the Today’s Leader.

If state/district/chapter secretaries or newsletter editors have any questions or concerns, I am here for them.  Don’t hesitate to contact me!


Minnesota – Washington – Missouri

Michigan – Pennsylvania – Nebraska

South Dakota – North Dakota – Wisconsin

Illinois – Iowa – Massachusetts – New Jersey

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