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JoAnn Miller


I am JoAnn Miller and am the new United States Women of Today Secretary. As a little background, I lost my husband to cancer in 2008 after 44 years of marriage. I have two daughters, Marla Jean, who lives on the farm Jim and I bought in 1995 as our place to go to relax. She works at Lund Boats in New York Mills and just built a house on the farm with a bedroom just for mom! Michelle Jeanette McGowan and her husband Dan live in Byron, about five miles from me. I have two grandsons, David Miller, 32, and John McGowan, 19. David is married to Alysa and they have two beautiful children, Rose, 11, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, and James, 7, who is ALL boy! They live in Hayfield, about twenty miles from me. John is a cook at HyVee Market Grille in Rochester and will be moving into his first apartment next month.

I worked at IBM in Rochester, Minnesota, for 30 years before retiring in 1999. I started my career in IBM as a typist, editing and typing training manuals. I then got into programming, became a manager in personnel, and ended my career working with customers who used the AS/400. After retirement, I went back to work at IBM part time until Jim retired from the Rochester Police Department in late 1999. We then spent lots of time at our farm and on area lakes fishing!

I joined the Byron chapter of the Minnesota Women of Today in September of 2007 at the urging of Michelle, who was already a member. Since then, I’ve served on all levels of the organization in various capacities including chapter secretary, treasurer, membership vice president, parliamentarian, president and various local program manager positions; district director, secretary, treasurer, membership VP and various district program manager positions; state program manager for records and recognition, secretary (twice), parliamentarian, external programming VP, and chapter management vice president.

 I’m an avid reader, but hate finding misspellings or grammatical errors in what I’m reading! I hate missing deadlines, so if I’m expecting you to send me a report or an article, I’ll be sending you reminders! As your new US WT secretary, I’m looking forward to hearing from secretaries and newsletter editors from throughout the United States. Please feel free to contact me at any time. 

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