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Kimberly Rowland
Public Relations Director

I am so excited to be serving as your USWT Public Relations Director this year! 

This year is going to be awesome!!

I have been a member the Eden Prairie MN chapter since January 2010.

 My main goal is to turn Women of Today from the best-kept secret into a common household name.  The only way I can see to achieve this is through PR and Marketing.  Each of our chapters do amazing things but yet many times the communities we serve struggle to remember our name.  That has to come to an end. 

My theme this year is “I am Woman, Hear me ROAR!”  And that is what we have to do.  Each and every one of us.  We have to learn to toot our own horns and share our message and accomplishments so millions of women everywhere know where to turn when they decide they want to be a part of making their communities  - themselves - stronger. Where – most importantly – they can turn for support and friendships that will help guide them through all stages of their lives. 

USWT is unique in that we are here for women ages 18 and up; married or single; on a career path or stay at home; all religions; all political affiliations - we are here for every woman! 

Many of our great grandmothers use to participate in quilting bees, my grandmother used to talk about her “coffee klatch”, my mom did Beeline Parties and Bunco nights.  Women have always needed to socialize with one another and find support in each other.  Find time where they could be themselves – not just someone’s daughter, wife, and/or mother.  Times have changed but that fundamental need to find other women with whom we can just be ourselves with has not.  We offer that AND we offer women the ability to do amazing things in their communities at the same time! OMG – how awesome is that!

OK – so how do we go about getting our accomplishments noticed and let women know we are here for them in this day and age – Social Media!!  That can be a big scary phrase for many – but don’t worry we will take it one step at a time. 

First step – Facebook.  J

A website is great – but a Facebook page can reach so many more people.  Facebook allows users to not only post information but also instantly share it with millions!  And that is what we need to do!

 I will be working with each and every USWT chapter this year.  Some chapters are doing GREAT!!!  They post often and the information is update and relevant.  Woohoo!!  I think there are other chapters out there who feel overwhelmed by Facebook – they are not sure how to post or what to post.  And there are a few chapters I can’t find even a trace of on Facebook.  It is all good.  I plan to share the successes of those who have figured out how to navigate Facebook and use it to their advantage.  I also plan distributing information to chapters so they know how to get there too.  I will work with chapters on everything from the basics of setting up a page, creating events, ideas on what to post and how often, how to schedule posts, and more!

We are strong women and I know we can to this!  Let’s start a ROAR that can be heard across our great nation.  A ROAR that women who have not found us yet can follow to find us, join us and discover that piece of them they have been missing!  A ROAR that our current members can hear and reaffirm why they belong here and why our organization is stronger because of them!

We are Strong!

We are Invincible!

We CAN do anything!!!


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