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JoAnn Miller
Programming Vice President

I am JoAnn Miller and I’m excited to be serving as your USWT Programming Vice President (PVP) for the 2018-2019 Women of Today year! 

 I have been a member of the Byron, Minnesota, chapter of Women of Today (WT) since September 2007. I have served on all levels of WT, chapter, district, state and national. I served seven years on Minnesota’s State Executive Council, including one year as Minnesota’s External Programming Vice President.  I was honored to serve as your National Secretary last year and am excited to be serving as your Programming Vice President this year and getting to know more of you.

 On a personal level, I worked for IBM for 30 years before retiring. I enjoy time at “the farm” up north where my oldest daughter, Marla, has built a house with a bedroom just for me. I have many good friends that live in that area. I also enjoy time with my daughter Michelle McGowan, who is serving as your Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) Program Manager this year. She is the mother of my two grandsons (David, 33, and John, almost 21). David and his wife Alysa are the parents of my great grandchildren (Rose, 12, and James, 8).

My theme this year is “Unlock Your Programming Passion.”  To help you get your year off to a great start, I encourage you to complete your programming fast start (included in my first trimester SIP) and to look over and promote the programming forms and certifications. I also encourage you to start working on your personal certifications.

 I’m looking forward to this new challenge as USWT PVP, and would love to hear from you! 


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