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Laura Gaylord
Programming Vice President

Hello USWT members, what an exciting first trimester we have had in programming.  I truly can feel the “Programming Power and You”.

Thank you to everyone whom was able to complete your fast starts, the first trimester “Star of Programming” challenge, submitted articles for the Programming Stars newsletter, and sent in community connections and project report forms.

The USWT programming team of Terri Hebda (DVA), Samantha Mongold (H&W), Cindy Sanders (PD/STEP) are energized and ready for the second trimester and welcome and encourage communication, ideas and of course the sharing of your excitement of programming in your states.

The second edition of the “Programming Stars” newsletter will be published by December 1st and sent out via email and posted here on the website.  Again I am encouraging anyone to submit an article to be included.  These articles could include project ideas, events, certification ideas, community connections or tips.  If you would like to be a part of the second trimester newsletter please submit to me by Wednesday November 15th, 2017 at

Second trimester challenge: Become a “Star of Programming”

1) Certify in at least one programming area: Health and Wellness, STEP or Personal Development.

2) Participate and report what you or your chapter / state did to promote Personal Development
     month in September. Domestic Violence Awareness in October and or Purple Thursdays. Mental
     Health Awareness Day – October 10th - for Health and Wellness.

3) Submit an article for the “Programming Stars” newsletter by November 15, 2017.


Don’t forget about the new project report library link to find the new project report form and guidelines and submit them to me as the USWT PVP.  This is a great tool to share those outstanding programming projects.

In friendship,


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