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Terri Hebda

Hello USWT Staff & State Presidents,

My name is Terri Hebda and I am President Barb’s, Presidential Assistant this year. So you will be hearing a lot from me. Since President Barb’s theme is “Strong Women” I couldn’t help but use Wonder Woman as mine, after all who is the strongest woman in the Universe?  Just wish I had use of her invisible plane some days.

A little about me, I have been a Woman of Today since 1991. This is my second time on National Staff, I served Janet Esper as her secretary.

I was raised in Steger, Illinois and moved to Glenwood in 1986. I have 2 beautiful children, Ashley & Andrew (AJ). Ashley and her husband Dave live close by and Ashley is now a Women of Today member. A.J. and his wife Julie live in Elmhurst, IL and will soon celebrate their first anniversary. I can’t forget the love of my life, my grandson Gavin who is 2 and rules the house!

Plan for this year is to be President Barb’s support. Gopher, Girl Friday, and anything else that drops into my job description. I look forward to getting to know this year’s staff and state presidents, making new friends in this organization is one of the perks to being a member. 

Terri Hebda


PA Wonder Woman!