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Barb Wigell

Strong Women!

We have stepped into 2017 and into our last trimester.  It’s time to complete the goals we established back in June.  I am so proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to working on the adventures that are ahead.

 I issued a recruiting challenge for all chapters.  It’s a Blizzard!  Please participate and help our chapters grow. 

 I have been visiting the states and have been grateful to meet our members.  When you hear about the projects, listen to the members and see the results of their hard work, you can’t help but be moved by their dedication to our organization.  Thank you everyone for all you do on behalf of the United States Women of Today.

 Our year end convention will be in Las Vegas.  I believe it will be the best party we have seen.  I encourage you to make plans on attending. 

 Please continue to visit our website.  There is a great deal of information here to help you finish the year.  

 If you are a visitor to this website, I hope you find our organization one that you would love to join.  Contact us for more information on membership.

 Looking forward to new extensions, new projects, and third trimester success. 

In friendship,

 Barbara Wigell