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Diane Hellman
Personal Development/STEP Program Manager

Welcome to Personal Development and STEP 2016 2017!

 My name is Diane Hellman. Some of you will recognize me from last year—I just completed my first year on National Staff as Health & Wellness Program Manager.

I had so much fun…I am back!

I continue to operate and supervise at my daycare, Kids Korner Daycare. I hold a group license for 30, have 25 children attending, with 2 new babies starting this fall and one more after the New Year. Our typical day has 3 teachers playing happily (mostly…) with 18 to 20 energetic kids. I keep wondering why I do not look as slim as I should???

I would not be able to get done what I do if not for my daughter, Sarah. She is also a member of Women of Today and works full time for me at the daycare. My son, Michael, runs huge printing machines and enjoys his career choice immensely. He was crucial in the success of the Health & Wellness resource booklet I compiled last year.

I am most definitely a proud mother! Where would we be without family? And that includes my extended Women of Today Family!

I hope to provide information that will assist with completing Personal Development and STEP Certification. Please contact me with questions and ideas—ideas are a “breath of fresh air”. We can all use something new to enrich our lives even more.

I am glad to have you on stage, as we “step into happiness” with Women of Today.



“A laugh is…

-a smile that bursts

-an instant vacation

-a day not wasted

- music to the soul

-cheap medicine…

the more you laugh, the more you live.”

                      Author Unknown

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