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Jonnie Becker

Parliamentarian news

In preparation for the Midyear meeting in October we are doing a by-laws and polices review. Have rules that fit our organizations needs for the future is key to longevity.  This review will have the following stages

Stage 1: State presidents nominate at least 1 additional member to join the by-laws committee.  If you have a member who loves rules, nominate them by emailing their name and state to

Stage 2: By-laws committee members individually review assigned sections using a simple online form at

Stage 3: By-laws committee reviews the survey results via Zoom Meeting in September.  Date and time TBD.

Stage 4: By-law committee chair composes suggested amendments

Stage 5: Suggested amendments presented at Mid-year and open the membership for editing or additional amendments.  

Here are the current by-laws committee is

Chairman:  Parliamentarian Jonnie Becker

Past Parliamentarian:  Cindy Umland

Executive Committee Member: JoAnn Miller

State Presidents (3)                                                                                                        

             Michelle Crandall, AZ

             Cindy Hilbert, PA

             Deb McDonald, MO

  Members – up to 6 additional people from the general membership

Send your nominations to TODAY.  

Please be advised that some documents can not be changed, i.e., manuals are in .pdf format.  Other documents have been transferred over to Google Docs.  Click on item you want to download.  If the document is not in .pdf, along the top there will be a formatting menu - click on 'File', go to 'Download' and choose your option.