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Colleen Todd
Membership Vice President

Welcome to a new year in Women of Today. My name is Colleen Todd.  I am thrilled and empowered to be serving you as your USWT Membership Vice President.

I truly have faith that with every door we open we have many opportunities to “Catch the Wave” whether this is in our personal, professional or in our Women of Today life. I also believe that Women of Today is the best kept secret in the United States. We all need to promote this wonderful organization. We have many towns and states where new members can be found and befit from what we have to offer.

My home chapter is New Hope, which is a suburb of Minneapolis. I have been a member for 26 years, joining after my family attended the New Hope City Festival called Duk Duk Daze. My children, who were small at the time, enjoyed the games, rides, treats and prizes.  In my home state of Minnesota I have served on every level the Women of Today organization has to offer. It has been the most wonderful learning opportunity that a member could wish for.  

I have been a pre-school/ toddler teacher for over 34 years. I also volunteer at my church on the Stewardship Committee and for West Metro Fire Auxiliary. I have been married to my husband Mike for 31 years and we have two children, Neal, 30 and Shannon, 27. Neal has two daughters, 4 year old Maura and 22 month old Agnes. Shannon has a 7 year old son named Aidden.  The grandkids are a joy which keep Nana and Papa very busy. 

In the Membership area this year we will ‘Catch the Wave” in Membership. We have four very powerful waves, and these waves will make an impact on our membership. They are the solid foundations to our membership program. 

RECRUITMENT, ORIENTATION, ACTIVATION, and RETENTION (ROAR). Is your chapter or state participating in the ROAR Membership program? Email me with questions.

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R.O.A.R to membership

Recruitment:  Finding and signing new members to join your chapter

Orientation:    Training new members/re-training season members about

                       programming, projects, socials and the mission of the

                      Women of Today

Activation:     Getting and keeping members involved in you chapter, 

                      district, and state level

Retention:     Keeping members happy and active in the organization 

                      and having them renew their membership each year