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Nicky Anderson
Membership Vice President

I am Nicky Anderson and I’m very excited to be serving as your United State Women of Today Membership Vice President. I have been a member of Women of Today since 2002 and in that time I have served in many positions on the local, district, and National positions. This year I’m excited to be working with all of you on the National level, and visiting the other states to share my excitement of membership. Together I believe we will make a huge impact within our organization, growth is in our future.


The membership team: Public Relations Director Kimberly Rowland and Extensions Director Colleen Todd and myself will be working together to help chapters and states with all different membership needs you may have. We will be sending out the “Magic in Membership” Publication” once a trimester to our contacts including the state presidents.

Zoom/ Skyping/: If you would like help with any part of membership, training, brainstorming ideas, chapter meeting assistance, board meetings or whatever your chapters need, please feel free to contact me and I would love to Zoom / Skype in and help. I know that I can’t drive everywhere and I want to be available whenever you need me so this is an option I would love for the chapters and states to utilize. Email me or call me and we can talk about what your needs are and set up date and time. I can now attend socials, m-events, and chapter meetings from miles and miles away.

I have some fun ideas for membership for this coming year.  Here are some highlights:

           Achieve membership growth in the USWT of base +20 by year and have 80% retention.

           Create 4 new m-events and work with chapters with new m-event ideas.

           Create a list of key members throughout the US that are willing to be “Mickey Mouse Club” (membership assistants) and assist local chapters with their membership needs.  If you are willing to be a member of the club, please contact me.  You could work one on one with a president, help with newsletters, help with m-events, recruitment – just about anything.  The commitment is whatever you can do to help.

           Every chapter is going to want to be part of the “Membership Magic” and get entered into a drawing for me to give your chapter a new m event of their choice.  (See this SIP for more info)

           Communication is the key this year:

1.        I would like all state membership contacts to email or call me as soon as you get this letter.  I can’t wait to get to know you as soon as I can so we can begin a great year together. 

2.            Look for my first membership newsletter with more membership information and introducing the Extensions and Public Relations directors will be out early July.


Thank you, Nicky

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