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Cindy Sanders
Membership Vice President


Hello United States Women of Today!

I am excited to be serving as your Membership Vice President for 2018-2019. When I joined the Fridley Chapter in 1996, I was excited about the opportunities that were presented to me. Along with this excitement my passion for membership began. I have served on the local level in most positions, district level as district MVP, secretary, treasurer and District Director twice and at the state level I have served as MVP, Administrative Vice President, Extensions Director and Minnesota State President in 2011-2012. I have also chaired several extensions including my own chapter, Duluth in 2004. Using the excitement I felt when first joining this organization, I am asking you to discover how you first felt as a new member and share that feeling with everyone you come into contact with and with your chapter members, helping make our organization stronger with both new and seasoned members.   

I live in outside of Duluth with my husband Kevin and my seven cats – Banjo, Mandolin, Cello, Viola, Sitar, Moses and Susy-Q. I work for Trillium Services supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. In my spare time I love being outdoors, creating things (currently Kevin and I putting up two steel sheds for storage and spending time with family.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you!


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Recruitment:  Finding and signing new members to join your chapter
Orientation:    Training new members/re-training season members
programming, projects, socials and the mission
                               of the 
Women of Today
Activation:     Getting and keeping members involved in you chapter,
istrict, and state level
Retention:     Keeping members happy and active in the organization 
                              and having them renew their membership each year
        WORDS GAME