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Colleen Todd
Membership Vice President

Hello Women of Today,

Welcome to 3rd trimester. We had some powerful wave during the first and second trimester. With the knowledge you have gained, you can make things happened with your membership program. GROWTH perhaps!

You can put the wave of RECRUITMENT, ORIENTATION, and ACTIVATION all together and you will get RETENTION. Yes, Retention is the 3rd trimester wave. You will learn tricks and tips on retaining your members.

Retention starts the first day your new member joins our organization. Retention is for all members from your new members to your very seasoned members and everyone in between.

Here are a few tips for you to establish in your state and chapter

  • ·         Keep your members active
  • ·         Mail out thank cards to your members after they have chair a project
  • ·         Have a host at your meetings to welcome members and guests
  • ·         Add an element of fun at your meetings
  • ·         Offer varieties of activities for your members
  • ·         Make reminder calls a couple days before your chapter meeting, projects, socials
  • ·         Celebrate your chapter and state success
  • ·         If a member misses 2 meeting in a row give her a personal phone to check in on her
  • ·         Mail out b-day cards to your members and their children
  • ·         Acknowledge family members when they help out at a chapter or state project
  • ·         Remember your manners when dealing with your membership

You can find more information on retention in my SIP for 3 trimester.

Any questions, please email me.

Catch the Wave



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R.O.A.R to membership

Recruitment:  Finding and signing new members to join your chapter

Orientation:    Training new members/re-training season members about

                       programming, projects, socials and the mission of the

                      Women of Today

Activation:     Getting and keeping members involved in you chapter, 

                      district, and state level

Retention:     Keeping members happy and active in the organization 

                      and having them renew their membership each year