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Samantha Mongold
Health and Wellness Program Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Mongold from Arizona! I am your Health and Wellness Program Manager. My focus will be on being Fit, Fine & Fun with Health and Wellness, and my logo is the arm flexing emoji! I’ve been a member for four years with the Missouri Women of Today and I just recently moved to the state of Arizona and became a member of the Valley of the Sun Women of Today. I just graduated from the University of Missouri- Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I’m greatly interested in the Health and Wellness program because, as a future psychologist, it is important to me to be mindful, as well as making it easier for folks to be healthy and well. My newsletter articles will focus on a) easy ways to getting healthier, b) easy ways to feeling better (mentally) , and c) how to have fun with it all, and I will be including invocations for the state Chaplain! I wish to receive 30% of the membership certified, sending in monthly reports to USWT PVP and President, submit articles to the newsletter and website as required, keeping in constant communication with my state and national contacts, and traveling to Mid-Year meeting and Year-End convention. My main focus will be on mental health because I feel without being mentally healthy it is difficult to be physically healthy, so I will be promoting Mental Health Observation Day which is October 10th. I’m looking forward to keeping contact with all of the states and National Staff and encouraging certification and my fast start! 

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