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Joyce Harpster
Chairman of the Board

As we are now in our 3rdTrimester it is time to get serious about Elections. 

My main duty this year as Chairman of the Board is to have a slate of officers ready for our Annual Meeting in June.  Some of you have already shared with me that you might be interested in seeking a position. I am so excited!   You will never regret it.  As I am finishing my last year on National Staff I cannot begin to tell you what an impact serving this organization on the National level has made in my life both personally and professionally.

 There is information on this website called ELECTION/BIDDING information and under this tab is everything that you need to know about eligibility and how to file for a National Staff position.  Candidate filing forms can be found in the Book of Forms.  Another good resource for election information is our Bylaws and Policies.  This has absolutely the most current and correct information.

We will be electing a President, Membership Vice President, Programming Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at our Annual Elections meeting in Las Vegas in June.  Any candidate seeking a national office must file a Candidate Filing Form, have a letter of state support, a budget and a Plan of Action to me any time after February 1, 2017.

The manuals are being worked on and hopefully some, if not all of them, will be ready for approval in June.  We also have a committee reviewing both the Mid-Year and Annual Meeting Contracts.

I hope that the ZOOM online meetings are working for you.  Online meetings are a great way to get things done in between our two National Meetings.

Please let me know if you have any questions (especially about elections).  I am here for you!

 Lasting Connections,

Joyce Harpster

USWT Chairman of the Board