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Genetics Lab - 
Lab meets Wednesdays and Thursdays in VSB 236 from 1:30 - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Dr. Paul Wolf (see Paul's research web site)
        Office: BNR 335

TA: Marley Haupt
        Office: BNR 123

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Goals of course:

BIOL 3065 is designed to complement “Principles of Genetics” (BIOL 3060).  For this reason, previous or current enrollment in 3060 is required.  The primary goal of the genetics laboratory course is to introduce students to experimental organisms and procedures in the field of genetics.  

We will follow a formal syllabus to ensure that we cover a sufficient proportion of essential material.  However, there is also room for individual experiments.  Critical and creative thinking are necessary elements in both asking scientific questions and designing experiments to answer them.  Anyone in class who wishes to pursue an individual genetics project will be strongly encouraged and helped as needed.  Although resources are limited, many experiments can be done with relatively little cost.

Performance in the course (i.e. grades) will be based primarily on the quality of written reports, with focus on both the content and quality (spelling, grammar, organization) thereof.  One such report will be required for each of several laboratory exercises, as instructed, and most of the grade will come from these projects as a result.  An additional 5% of the course grade will come from performance in the lab: adherence to instructions for experiments, safety procedures, and cleanliness. 90% and above will be an A, 80 - 89.9% = B, 70-79.9% = C, etc.

Some of the laboratory exercises will include a computer section.  Bring a laptop if you have one, otherwise we can provide computers. 

Course (lab) fees are used for lab supplies and vehicle rental for field trips.

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