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To attention of TSU teachers

postat 1 mar. 2017, 01:58 de Universitatea Tiraspol
To attention of TSU teachers-allies of innovative pedagogical approaches

 In order to be involved in activities within the project TEACH ME (training in innovative pedagogical approaches in Nice (France, the period 11 – 17 June, 2017), course design, developing and accreditation of courses, teaching activities) you are invited to apply dossiers for selection until 06.03. 2017, 13:00, in office 321, study block A.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of following criteria:

  • teaching experience (as a teacher in charge of courses); 
  • communication skills in English; 
  • ICT skills;
  • proven performance, as a teacher.

The dossier will contain:

  • application for entry in the competition;
  • EuroPas CV;
  • supporting documents, which prove mentioned skills.

The results will be announced on 10.03. 2017.