Will the Real Gun Camera Photograph Please Stand Up?
K. J. Halliwell  (December 26, 2004 -- Revised October 6, 2008)

Below are two different images.  Purportedly, both images were made from gun camera film footage taken by the lead attack aircraft during the USS Liberty attack; and both appear in the 1986, Thames Ltd. film, Attack on the Liberty.

Additionally, the image on the left side appears virtually identical to images printed in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) History Report, The Attack on the 'Liberty' Incident.  The image on the right side appears in A. Jay Cristol's book, The Liberty Incident.

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As you can see, these two images are very different in appearance -- despite claims that both images are from a common source.

In two gun camera image analysis essays, Fraud in Cristol's The Liberty Incident and Fraud in the IDF History Report of 1982, it is shown that both of these images are fraudulent.  The IDF History Report image may be based on a real gun camera photograph, but the ship in the image is not USS Liberty.  The image in Mr. Cristol's book appears to truly show USS Liberty, but it is a fabrication -- it is not based on a real gun camera photograph.

It appears that no gun camera photograph can stand up.