Where Does This Lead Us?
K. J. Halliwell (December 10, 2004 -- Revised October 2, 2013)

Assuming that you read and studied the "Gun Camera Photo Fraud" essays, and now accept that the purported gun camera images are bogus, you may be asking yourself: Where does this lead us?

Consider the following observations, based primarily on the purported gun camera images in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) History Report.

First, whoever marked-up the low resolution "gun camera photos", in the IDF History Report, to note the location of normally highly visible parts on USS Liberty had to be aware that the images do not show USS Liberty.  At best, the noted parts are indistinguishable and vague visual artifacts in the unmarked images, as opposed to being highly visible or self-evident parts.  It is purely the power-of-suggestion (notation in this case) that renders the artifacts as vaguely appearing like the normally highly visible parts on USS LibertyThe need to do this indicates awareness that the images do not appear like USS Liberty; and thus, constitutes a conscious and intentional effort to produce fraudulent evidence.

Second, the IDF History Department has been caught red-handed perpetrating a fraud.  Detailed analysis shows abundantly that the IDF History Department produced a report containing fraudulent evidence.  This places a cloud of doubt over other information and evidence provided by the IDF History Department about the USS Liberty attack.

Third, this fraudulent evidence bolsters claims of a cover-up, and that the attack was not due to innocent mistakes; i.e., an innocent party should not need to produce and present fraudulent evidence.

Fourth, it shows either the ineptitude, inattentiveness, complicity or political kowtowing of American investigative and intelligence services and agencies.  Why were they apparently unable to detect and call public attention to this crude and blatant deception?

Fifth, when combining the IDF History Report's deceptive images with the fake set of gun camera images found in Mr. Cristol's book and the Thames film, it brings to light that there is an ongoing effort by the IDF, and some of its supporters, to produce and use fabricated information to support the IDF's claim that the USS Liberty attack was due to innocent mistakes.

Finally, the impression that the ship was difficult to identify, as imparted by the fraudulent gun camera images, is blatantly misleading and deceptive.  As such, the fake images betray the IDF's claim of the attack being due to innocence mistakes: an innocent party should not need to produce and present fraudulent evidence.