Where are the Missing Parts?
K. J. Halliwell  (September 25, 2005 -- Revised October 1, 2008)
Regardless of the many differences cited between the ship in the purported gun camera images in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) History Report and USS Liberty, some people may remain unconvinced the ship depicted in the image is not USS Liberty.[1]  Like the authors of the IDF History Report, some people may claim vague artifacts in the image show bits-and-pieces of "apparently missing" parts, and that although the ship may not appear like USS Liberty, the poor quality of the image renders it uncertain.
In an effort to address this type of doubt and assertion, the analysis image below was prepared.

As you can see, the analysis image shows the prominent forward antenna mast superimposed (at approximately the correct scale) where some claim the missing mast vaguely appears.  Additionally, the missing forward deck house and AN/SRR-20's SHF antenna are shown.   If you compare this marked-up image with the purported gun camera image in Mr. Cristol's book, The Liberty Incident, you will see that they look similar.[2]  The forward mast that is a prominent feature in Cristol's image is now a prominent feature in the marked-up IDF History Report image, but objects that should be hidden by the antenna mast are not hidden.  Clearly, if the antenna mast is anywhere to be seen, it cannot be where some people claim it vaguely appears.

Of course, the truth is that the prominent forward antenna mast is missing because the ship in the image is not USS Liberty.  Any vague impression that the mast can be seen is without merit (i.e., wishful thinking), as shown herein.