Fraud in the Israel Defense Forces History Report of 1982
K. J. Halliwell  (December 10, 2004 -- Revised June 3, 2013)

In 1982, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) History Department, Research and Instruction Branch produced a comprehensive report about the June 8, 1967 IDF attack on USS Liberty. The report is entitled, The Attack on the 'Liberty' Incident.

Within the IDF History Report (IDFHR), on page 18, there are two purported gun camera images with a description that claims the images show USS Liberty under attack and identifies key features on the ship.  These purported gun camera images are of extremely poor quality. (If a higher quality copy of the report can be found, it will be substituted for the current low quality copy, and this analysis will be updated accordingly.)  Below is an image of the purported gun camera photographic images contained within the English edition of the report.

The image in the Hebrew edition of the report is of slightly better quality. 

Fortunately, better copies of the IDFHR's purported gun camera images exist.  In 1986, Thames Ltd. released a film entitled 'Attack on the Liberty.'  Within this film there are two sets of purported gun camera images that show two distinctly different appearing ships -- each purported to be images of USS Liberty under attack.[1]  One image-set appears like the ship image published in the IDFHR.  The other image-set appears like the ship image published in A. Jay Cristol's book, 'The Liberty Incident.'[2]  The higher quality IDFHR/Thames look-a-like images are shown below.

Below is a comparison of one of these purported gun camera images with a true photographic image of USS Liberty.  (Note: The "gun camera" image was slightly rotated clockwise to approximate photographic perspective in USS Liberty image.)

If you study the IDFHR/Thames images carefully and objectively, you should soon realize that the ship shown in the IDFHR/Thames "gun camera photos" is not USS Liberty. You should see many key features missing or different on the IDFHR/Thames ship when compared to USS Liberty.

Missing features and differences on IDFHR/Thames ship (see images below):

    • Forward and aft antenna masts and central radar mast are missing.
    • Cylindrical monopole sleeve antenna bases on forward deck are missing.
    • TRSSCOMM antenna behind superstructure is missing.
    • Forward and aft deck houses are missing.
    • Tall cylindrical smoke stack is missing.  Instead, rectangular structures appear on top of superstructure.
    • Superstructure's overall shape and layout does not match.

(Click here for an enlarged view of the IDFHR/Thames "gun camera" image)

Without doubt, the purported gun camera images in the IDF History Report do not show USS Liberty -- they are frauds.[3]