Welcome aboard the Navy's newest ironclad monitor warship, The USS LEHIGH.

The USS MONITOR - USS LEHIGH Naval Living History Association is a Civil War Navy Re-enactment & Living History group.  
  • Our officers and crew are located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • We portray the USS MONITOR & USS LEHIGH's ship's company during the Civil War (1861-1865).
  • The USS LEHIGH was a PASSAIC class monitor, an improved designed of the original Ironclad Steamer USS MONITOR (The first ironclad warship of the US Navy).
  • Our members are all interested in Civil War naval history and telling (via living history) the stories of the US Navy's ships, sailors and marines during that period as authentically as possible to local community events, schools, universities and libraries. 
  • We are a member unit of the Navy & Marine Living History Association (NMLHA) and offer enlistment to people of all ages, gender, and races.  
  • Interested parties may apply to serve as Sailors, Marines or Civilians (the sole stipulation as regards age being that children under sixteen must be accompanied in their enlistment by a responsible parent or guardian). 
  • The US Navy had a critically important role in supporting the Union during the war and was involved in many major battles.
  • Our members/historians share this rich history with the public, dressed as the crew of that period and portraying the famous and not so famous characters who helped to make our country's history.  
  • We are available to present our living history programs & display the equipment and tools that were used by the US Navy during the Civil War at Re-enactments, Living History Events, State & County Historical Society Presentations, Senior Centers, Schools & Libraries.
  • Here is a special link to Mr Henry Jacob Winser who is portrayed by one of our members.  Mr Winser was a special war correspondent assigned by the N.Y. Times to cover the actions of the US Navy's Monitor Steamers USS MONITOR, USS LEHIGH and other ironclad monitor steamers of the US Navy.  At this blogspot you will find interesting articles about our ships exploits.  http://bennettcarlton.blogspot.com
  • If any of this sounds interesting to you and you would like more information, please contact one of our officers at the following e-mail addresses:             
             Bruce W. Tucker (New Jersey)      or                                            Donald  Fischer (Pennsylvania)
          presenting as Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, USN   presenting as Fleet Surgeon J.M. Foltz, USN
          btucker718@aol.com                                                                       fischburn2@aol.com
          USS MONITOR - USS LEHIGH NLHA is a registered as a NJ 501c Non Profit Organization.

USS LEHIGH at the Red Mill in Clinton NJ April 2013
USS LEHIGH at Mystic Seaport Civil War Navy Event June 1-2 2013 with officers, sailors & marines of other member groups of the United States Navy & Marine Living History Assn.
Lt Commander Tucker, Surgeon Fischer & Seaman Purcell, Gruber & Cashin in front of a cut-away open replica of the CSS Hunley submarine that was displayed at the Mystic Seaport Civil War Navy Event June 1-2 2013
USS LEHIGH at the dock of the Sabino troop transport that was demonstrated at the Mystic Civil War Navy event June 1-2 2013.

Officers of USS LEHIGH attend dedication of Admiral David G Farragut's grave at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx New York as a National Historic Site.

USS LEHIGH at NJ State History Fair at Allaire State Park May 2011