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For the proud sailors of the USS Hoel DDG-13 "The Lucky 13"
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                              The Ship's Crest Explained 

In the words of:  Peter M. Hekman, VADM USN Ret, Commissioning Chief Engineer, USS HOEL (DDG-13), Com1962 - July 1963

   All the elements in the crest have heraldic meaning. The Motto, "Prima Inter Optimas" translated to "First Among the Best".
I got this from my High School Latin, and had it verified by the Latin Teachers in the Bay City, MI School System during Pre-Com.

   There was argument among them over the words "Best" and "Finest", but they voted for "Best", although either word is a valid
translation to English. They also argued over whether the first word should be "Prima" or "Primo". I settled this argument by insisting
on "Prima", with an "a", as this is the feminine ending, whereas "o" is the masculine, and a ship is referred to in the feminine context.

   With respect to the other items, all come from rules of heraldry. The shape of a shield, and the inverted "V" signify defensive purpose. 
The Trident signifies sea power, and the battle ax signifies strength. 
The crescent signifies the second of the line (used on family crests), as DDG-13 was the second Destroyer named in honor of the
Civil War hero, the first USS HOEL being lost in the famous battle off Leyte in WWII.

<Copy of email from Peter Hekman>


Name: USS Hoel (DDG-13)
Namesake: William R. Hoel
Ordered: 17 January 1958
Builder: Defoe Shipbuilding Company in Bay City, Michigan
Laid down: 3   August 1959
Launched: 4   August 1960
Acquired: 5   June 1962
Commissioned: 16 June 1962           Commissioning Ceremony Booklet
Decommissioned: 1  October 1990  Decommissioning Ceremony Booklet
Stricken: 20 November 1992, from Naval Vessel Register
Fate: Sold to Charleston Shipbuilders Inc. for conversion to a power barge, scrapped in Brazil.

Commanding Officers of the USS Hoel

CDR Allen Wayne Slifer Jun 16 1962 - Mar 2 1964
CDR George Paul Pavis Mar 2 1964 - Oct 29 1965
CDR Thomas Edward Groves Oct 29 1965 - Oct 25 1967
CDR Richard Kern Fontaine Oct 25 1967 - Sep 4 1969
CDR Paul Allen Asmus Sep 4 1969 - May 1 1971
CDR Thomas Joseph Bowen May 1 1971 - Jun 19 1972
CDR Roger Lee Coffey Jun 19 1972 - Jan 12 1974
CDR Robyn M. Campbell Jr. Jan 12 1974 - Dec 12 1975
CDR Milton J. Jackson Jr. Dec 12 1975 - Jul 1 1977
CDR John Allison Paine Jr. Jul 1 1977 - Nov 30 1979
CDR Anthony Brent Oates Nov 30 1979 - Oct 6 1981
CDR Russell Henry Buckley Jr. Oct 6 1981 - Sep 7 1983
CDR Brian Walter Young Sep 7 1983 - Dec 23 1985
CDR Gary L. Bier Dec 23 1985 - Feb 20 1988
CDR Clement H. Ward Feb 20 1988 - Sep 7 1989
CDR Norman Glenn Berree Sep 7 1989 - Jul 13 1990
LCDR James Alan Blasko Jul 13 1990 - Oct 1 1990
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USS Hoel DDG-13 - Major Career Events

                              Unit Awards of the USS Hoel
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