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Grand Teton NP

Spectacular Scenic Values

Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park (Photo by J. Razi)


In beautiful Wyoming you will find the breathtaking Grand Teton National Park, which features the 46 mile long Grand Teton mountain range.  The Tetons are part of the Rocky Mountains. Grand Teton National Park is just 10 miles (16 km) south of Yellowstone National Park, and a visit to one should include a visit to the other. The original Grand Teton National Park was established by Congress on February 29, 1929


Grand Teton National Park was established to protect the area's spectacular scenic values, as characterized by the geologic features of the Teton Range and Jackson Hole, and the native plant and animal life. The park is named after Grand Teton Mountain, the tallest mountain in the park at 13,775 feet (4,199 m). Grand Teton National Park has a rich history of Paleo-Indian and Native American settlements, dating to over 11,000 years ago. The park also has fascinating geography, with glaciated mountains, lakes, and valleys creating a unsurpassed landscape of unsurpassed beauty .

How Did the Tetons Get Their Name?

French fur traders came to the region in the early Nineteenth Century. Focusing mainly on three of the largest peaks--Grand, South and Middle--they referred to the range as "les Trois Tétons" or "the Three Breasts." That is the origin of the current name, Grand Tetons.

Grand Teton National Park (Photo by J. Razi)

Grand Teton Video Clips

Shot by Cinematographer Randy Wimberg, broadcast on Discovery Channel HD, and at Grand Teton National Park: Visitor Center, Moose, WY