Update your cheats from your DS trough Wi-Fi!!

05/02/2010 Update!

Version 2.9

What's new:

  • Support for the new firmware EOS for Supercard users (usrcheat.dat)


08/10/09 Update!

Version 2.7

 What's new:

  • Fixed issue with DSOne and M3i previously not auto-dected
  • Added program update system: press X to check if an UsrCheatUp update is available, then press start to update or B to go back



25/09/09 Update!

Version 2.6

 What's new:

  • Fixed an issue where you get an Error as it starts downloading the changelog 



14/08/09 Update!

Version 2.5

What's new:

  • Support for SCC files (Supercard)
  • German translation finished





23/06/09 Update!

Version 2.4

What's new:

  • Touch screen: touch on 'Changelog' to see the credits, touch  on arrows to scroll the list.
  • Added support for some cards (U2, and a couple of R4 clones).
  • Started the German translation using Google Translate (I need someone to help me).

UsrCheatUp 2.4

25/04/09 Update!

Version 2.3


What's new:

  • Fixed all the changelog issues



10/04/09 Update!


Version 2.2 *red screen fix*

  • Changed the changelog.txt download source, this is a temporary fix



30/03/09 Update!

Version 2.2

What's new:

  • Fixed the changelog visualization issue in 2.2 beta


25/03/09 Update!

Version 2.2 (beta)

What's new:

  • Removed 'gbatemp=' option
  • Various bugs fixed 




30/12/08 Update!

Version 2.1.3

What's new:

  • Added iTouch support
  • Fixed a problem with "cheats.xml"
  • Added Spainish language (German still missing)



13/11/08 UPDATED!!!

Version 2.1.2(beta)

What's new:

  • Fix for EDGE: Rename "EDGEcheats.dat" in "cheats.dat"



10/11/08 UPDATED!!!

Version 2.1.1(beta)

What's new:

  • Fixed wrong changelog displayed if 'gbatemp=1'
  • Fixed decompression displaying bug
  • Now UsrCheatUp tell you if your cheat DB is up to date or there's a new update available
  • Multilanguage support based on DS settings (Spanish and German missing: translators needed!)
  • Improved changelog visualization (arrows)
  • Changed the label 'Latest Changes' in 'Changelog'



11/10/08 UPDATED!!!

Version 2.0


What's new:

  • Added possibility to abort the download (changelog and cheats) with B button
  • Improved the changelog visualization


27/08/08 UPDATED!!!

Version 1.5

 What's new:

  • Zip support. (Thanks Aurelio!!!)
  • Sound!!
  • Now you can check the strenght of the WiFi signal
  • Switch On/Off the AutoPowerOff function with L button; green=on / red=off (only before starting the update)
  • You can scroll the changelog with UP and DOWN buttons (only before starting the update)
  • Added support for other cards type: CycloDS, EDGE, EZ, M3Real, G6Real.
  • New voices in the ini:
  1. cht_file: 0(usrcheat.dat) - 1(user.EvoCheats.dat) - 2(EDGEcheats.dat) - 3(ezarcode.dat) - 4(cheat.db) - 5(Cheat.xml) - 6(CHEAT(J).DAT) - 7(CHEAT(UE).DAT) - 8(CHEAT.DAT)
  2. gbatemp : can be set to 1 (download from gbatemp) or 0 (download from my web page); only for usrcheat.dat, the others will allways download from gbatemp.

12/06/08 UPDATED!!!

Version 0.9


What's new:

  • Added simple GUI
  • Now you can see, on the lower screen, the latest changes of usrcheat.dat by Narin
  • Added progression bar for download and decompression


29/05/08 UPADATED!!!

Version 0.7

What's new:

  • Auto configuration for R4, M3, N5, Acekard RPG, Acekard2 and DSTT (If you are upgrading from 0.5 before use 0.7 you have to erase the old configuration file).
  • Added power off option at the end of the whole process.


25/05/2008 UPDATED!!!

Version 0.5 of 'UsrCheatUp'




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