U.S Lottery, Is the Lotteries rigged? The Truth


 (Legally I can not say I know for a fact without a possible lawsuit just with the wrong wording.

But I can make an opinion so I will state my (Opinions) as much as possible UNTIL FOLKS WAKE UP)

  I have seen some sites that it trying to prove that the us lottery is rigged. and there is proof that other country's are rigged but Some say that the us lotteries is completely rigged also, although it is government owned and we all know how greedy the government is. It is not true that the lottery is completely rigged BUT ONLY BECAUSE by law if you win any amount in a game it could be $3 or $200 thousand, it is not considered fraudulent (rigged). And you can win. (Opinion) they are not rigging the games but they are CHEATING to benefit the government. My (Opinion) is no one has a chance in #@!! To win the jackpot, unless the lottery commission wants it to happen. My (Opinion) is there maybe Pre arranged winners for the jackpot amounts. And the reason I believe this is because of some facts I have found from there own words and a lot of research, (opinion ) Bad thing is, if folks stop playing at a certain amount then the lottery commission will lower there pre arranged winners to win at that lowered amount so it is a double lose situation. After all it is over $70. Billion dollars of Sales and Profits each year that they have to protect. (Member Lotteries > http://www.naspl.org )   


I’m not saying to stop playing the lotteries, because some can win I’m just saying don’t bring your expectation up on winning the jackpot. Dreams are a wonderful thing to have but when you act on that dream on trying to win the impossible, then it is nothing but an empty dream.


These are not the only mess up’s by MUSL. If people knew what I knew they would not play as much, IF AT ALL

Here are some FACTS. I emailed and asked some questions to the lottery commission, emailed exact words you are reading below

FACT #1 pick4.

Q: Does The Columbian news publish all states Pick 4 results 6-8-5-5 ?

Columbian had published the winning Pick 4 lotto numbers a few hours Before they were drawn

Virginia 's Pick 4 numbers

6/28/2000 6-9-2-7

6/27/2000 6-8-5-5

Oregon 's Pick 4 Day numbers

06/28/2000 6 8 5 5

06/27/2000 1 3 6 1

MUSL answer: Of course, numbers are not published before a draw.  They are unknown before the draw.  You would have to search to find out why someone THOUGHT or SAID the numbers were published before the draw. I don’t know if the Columbia news publishes all state’s Pick 4 numbers, but I doubt it.  There are a lot of Pick 4 games – often multiple draws per day.

I replied back with the proof

Source: CNN Interactive

Tue, 04 Jul 2000 00:14:42 -0400

Oregon Lottery officials thought it was a joke when someone called to say the Columbian had published the winning Pick 4 lotto numbers a few hours Before they were drawn.  When they learned the caller was right,

 They Dispatched Lloyd W. Beil, a detective with the Oregon State Police gaming Enforcement section.  "Game security is our most valuable commodity," said David Hooper, an Oregon Lottery spokesman.  As it turned out, the Newspaper’s computer system in this city across the Columbia River from Portland, Ore., crashed Wednesday.  In the scramble to re-create a lost Page, a copy editor mistakenly pulled the winning Pick 4 numbers from Virginia and billed them as the Tuesday night's winning pick in Oregon. Those same winning numbers, 6-8-5-5, were also drawn later Wednesday evening In Oregon. [AP item, Lottery numbers published by fluke (*Infobeat*, Jul 3

2000) http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2567832665-960

 (Coincidentally not long after I asked this Q: and gave the sitehttp://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2567832665-960 to them the site diapered but the info can still be found if you type the right words.)

They never replied back

They state: (but I doubt it. There are a lot of Pick 4 games–often multiple draws per day)

So how did  The Columbian news publish Pick 4 results for OREGON in advance, I don’t believe for 1 second by the machine brake down rushing to get the Oregon numbers and accidentally getting the Virginia  numbers, ? WHY would they have the state of Virginia numbers like they said (There are a lot of Pick 4 games – often multiple draws per day) They messed up, and made an excuse and EVERY ONE FELL FOR IT, I believe they did publish the numbers in advance, I am sure they know what the numbers are in advance all the time. Can I prove that WELL: THEY DID FOR ME.

 I can understand that IF they stated that it was a fluke there is a lot of draws for each state that plays, easy for one state to have another draw numbers BUT they did not. they stated something highly unlikely the Newspaper’s computer system crashed grabbing the state of Virginia’s numbers instead of Oregon’s. A STATE ALMOST   3,000 MILES AWAY... DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION.


 FACT #2 Powerball

Q: If it can happen in Canada how do the people of the U.S. know it will not or is not happening here?

Canada Ontario Lottery Corporation’s CEO resigns

Sunday, March 25, 2007 posted 05:35 AM EDT

The CEO of Ontario Lottery and Gaming -- an organization facing a number of investigations over lottery fraud -- has resigned, CTV News has learned.

Duncan Brown's resignation papers were to be finalized on Friday or on the weekend, CTV's Paul Bliss reported.

Brown has been steering the OLG through some turbulent waters after allegations of fraud by lotto retailers………

MUSL answer: You don’t know that it can’t happen here.  The lotteries have been aware of what has gone on in Canada (I started telling them a couple of years ago when the story first broke) and they have taken steps.  Player-check machines are being installed, players are warned to sign their tickets and to check their tickets themselves for winners


The head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was dismissed from the scandal-plagued organization on Friday, according to CBC News.

CEO Duncan Brown was escorted out of the lottery corporation's offices in Toronto, two sources told the CBC, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Repeated calls to officials at the lottery corporation went unanswered Friday.

The dismissal follows allegations that several lottery clerks stole winning tickets from unsuspecting customers and cashed in millions of dollars in prizes themselves.

The allegations came to light in the fall, when CBC's The Fifth Estate told the story of Bob Edmonds, an 82-year-old Ontario man who sued the lottery corporation in 2005. Edmonds, from the town of Coboconk, alleges he won $250,000, but his prize was fraudulently claimed at his local corner store.

The lottery corporation settled with Edmonds, paying him $100,000. He signed a confidentiality agreement as part of the deal.



 FACT #3  Scratch tickets

Lottery Corporation know where the winning tickets are in advance

Ex-lottery official charged in $1 million payout scam

Nov. 10, 2004, 1:19 p.m.

Man told 2 others where a winning ticket would be sold, prosecutors say.

A former security officer for the Hoosier Lottery is accused of conspiring with two other men to rig a $1 million scratch-off game.

Prosecutors say William C. Foreman told two men that a winning ticket in the "$2,000,000 Bonus Spectacular" game had been sent to a store in Cross Plains, Ind.

One of those men then went to that store and bought its entire supply of the game's $20 tickets -- about $700 worth, according to court documents.

Foreman, 59, was arrested Monday and charged with disclosing confidential lottery information, a Class A felony carrying a prison term of up to 50 years.

Daniel Foltz, 31, and Chad Adkins, 28, also were arrested Monday. They face preliminary charges of Class D felony theft, with a possible prison term of up to three years.

Foreman, the secretary for the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police, also is charged with Class C felony theft, carrying a maximum prison term of eight years.

After Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and a team of investigators served search warrants at the lottery's Downtown Indianapolis offices Monday, Brizzi said the inquiry continues.

"It's just this one game that was compromised," Brizzi said. "I don't want to send a scare to the entire state of Indiana that the lottery is somehow fixed, because our investigation is limited to just this one game and all of the tickets have now been accounted for." Five tickets for the game would have won $1 million prizes, said Hoosier Lottery Director Jack Ross.

One of those jackpot tickets was sold to a legitimate winner who lives in Mishawaka; three were in the lottery's warehouse and subsequently were destroyed, along with all unsold tickets for the game.

The fifth ticket is the one redeemed by Adkins and Foltz. It was worth $1 million -- $50,000 a year for 20 years. Adkins and Foltz each were paid $25,000.

Ross said new tickets were printed -- including three new million-dollar winners -- and the game continues. The winners of the five valid tickets will be entered in a drawing to win an additional $1 million.

Ross said his agency is cooperating with the inquiry.

"If they have evidence now that this game is compromised, we will continue to cooperate and make sure they are brought to justice," he said. "The integrity of the lottery is job one over here. There are no games on the street that have been compromised in any way." If it's proved the game was rigged, Ross said, the lottery will seek to recover the money awarded to Foltz and Adkins.

According to court documents, the game was compromised on May 13, when Hoosier Lottery investigator Matthew Hollcraft obtained a ticket reconstruction list from the Georgia-based manufacturer. That list, combined with information available at the lottery office, would allow someone to trace all five winning tickets.

Two others besides Hollcraft had access to that list, prosecutors say: Pete Byrne, the lottery's security chief, and Foreman.

Foreman, prosecutors say, conspired with Adkins and Foltz to claim a winning ticket sent to Otter's Grocery in Cross Plains, in Ripley County in southeastern Indiana.

According to records, store clerk Ragina Warner identified Foltz as the man who spent about $700 to purchase the store's stock of "$2,000,000 Bonus Spectacular" tickets in May. She told police she had never seen anyone buy that many $20 tickets.

Lottery officials had been conducting their own investigation into that game, Ross said. The list, a major security breach, was one of the performance issues that led to Hollcraft's resignation in May, Ross said.

According to court records, Foltz went to lottery headquarters Sept. 7 to claim the prize; Adkins went the next day. Byrne, the security chief, interviewed the men and recognized Adkins as Foreman's friend.

In that interview, Ross said, Adkins admitted he knew Foreman but denied receiving any information from him about the game.

Ross delayed paying the men and required Byrne and Foreman to take polygraph tests. Byrne passed the test.

Foreman refused the polygraph and resigned in September, Ross said, "but he insisted on telling me that he had nothing to do with compromising the tickets."


On November 8, 2004, the State charged Foreman with disclosure of ... Cross Plains, Indiana and purchase a $1000000.00 winning lottery ticket

? How did Foreman know where to tell his friends to go for the winning tickets?

Foltz and Adkins learned the winning ticket was located in Otter’s

Market because of information divulged to them by William


April 30, 2007



William C. Foreman v. State of Indiana

1  On May 13, 2004[,] the “$2,000,000.00 Bonus Spectacular”

lotto game was compromised when a Hoosier Lottery investigator, Mat[t]hew Hollcraft, obtained a ticket

reconstruction from the ticket printer that revealed to Hollcraft the location where all the grand prize winning tickets had been delivered. Three people at the lottery could access this information – that is the report of the ticket reconstruction and location – and they were William Foreman (a Security Officer for the Hoosier Lottery), Matthew Hollcraft and Pete Byrne, Chief of Security for the lottery.

2. The winning ticket was located at Otter’s Grocery in Cross Plains[,] Indiana. Ragina Warner, clerk at Otter’s Grocery, remembers that in May of 2004 a subject she identified from a photo spread as Daniel Foltz came in and purchased a few $20.00 tickets from the game known as the “$2,000,000.00

Bonus Spectacular” tickets [sic] and the [sic] left the grocery store. Shortly thereafter, he returned and purchased the rest of the tickets in that grocery store for the “$2,000,000.00 Bonus Spectacular.” The cost of buying the remaining tickets was approximately $640. The clerk stated that she had never

seen someone buy that many $20.00 tickets.

3. William Foreman is a close friend of Chad Adkins. When we interviewed Adkins at his home o[n] October 26, 2004 he was in possession of Foreman’s car. Adkins admits that he knows

Foreman and that they talk almost daily.

4. Based upon the foregoing circumstances, I believe that Foltz and Adkins learned the winning ticket was located in Otter’s Market because of information divulged to them by William Foreman.




Below I still need to gather more proof before stating it is a FACT, Very Questionable THESE ARE MY OPINIONS

# 1 Powerball

Wrong name/person. Who won Daughter or Mother???

If it is validated by a third party then how did they get this wrong???

EMILIA Age 72 mothers name listed as winner.

AMELIA Age 45 daughter’s age & report listed as winner.

Emilia Delgado
Louisiana May 31, 2008 Cash $34,100,000 annuity $16,195,787.02 cash

BATON ROUGE, La. - After 13 years of giving of herself as a neonatal intensive care nurse, it was Emilia Delgado’s turn to receive when she won the $34.1 million Powerball jackpot from the May 31 drawing. Her win marked the third Powerball jackpot won in Louisiana in just the last eight months.

The 45-year-old Kenner resident said she is a regular Lottery player. While taking her mother to a doctor’s appointment, Delgado said she stopped for “less expensive” gas at Brothers Food Mart #115 on Terry Parkway in Gretna. With the gas, she also purchased the Powerball quick-pick ticket that netted her the jackpot. Brothers Food Mart will receive a one-time bonus of $25,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Delgado recalled the exciting and unnerving process of checking her ticket against the winning numbers on the Lottery’s Web site to discover she had won. She was so incredulous that she also went to buy a newspaper and drove by a Powerball jackpot billboard to make sure that the jackpot had indeed been hit.

The Powerball jackpot is advertised as a 30-installment annuity, but winners can opt to receive the cash value instead. Delgado chose the one-time cash prize payment option, which was $16,195,787.02. Lottery prizes of over $5,000 are subject to federal and state tax withholdings.

With her winnings, Delgado said she plans to help her family.

EMILIA M DELGADO   Age 72 mothers name listed as winner

AMELIA M DELGADO Age 45 daughter’s age & report listed as winner

The names are very simular but if they make this kind of mistake what others have they done, I had to do research to find this out, they have proof right in front of there faces with AMELIA having to show I.D and they did not catch the mistake and how did Amelia cash the check the banks would not have cashed a check that size with that mistake, the check would have to be rewrote there for the mistake would have been cought and corrected OR  the mother would have had to cash the check there for the mistake would have been cought and corrected BUT as of now 4/11/09 still not corrected they still have not caught the mistake OR DID THEY!

As of now 5/09 EMILIA M DELGADO  Age 72

They corrected the mistake by making her disappear, she just don’t have an existence any more, trying to find information on her is virtually impossible all information has diapered



Winners keep names secret   

INDIANAPOLIS the winners of the $163.2 million Powerball drawing on Jan. 17 are a group of people from Cincinnati.

Attorney Tim Michaels, representing GMTR Investments, claimed the prize Friday at the Hoosier Lottery headquarters. He did not identify the individual winners or say how many there were.

Michaels said his clients elected to take the cash option and received a one-time lump sum payment of $97,966,541 before taxes. The winning ticket was bought at a Circle K convenience store in Lawrenceburg, Ind., an Ohio River community near Cincinnati.

Michaels said "From what I understand, they like Powerball better than what they can get in the Ohio Lottery


# 2 Are these anonymous Winners real winners OR are they government lottery fabricated winners

My opinion is there is no possible way for a winner to remain anonymous that includes the people that got a trust to claim there prize do you know who won those, I don’t,

All the anonymous and trust winners will have to share with every family member and friends and yes enemies too, and that is not going to happen. Just as soon as someone that knows them asks for money and they refuse off to the PRESS they go. It is human nature to tell

The only way to remain anonymous is if the winners cut off all ties to family members there not that close to and to friends, they would have to move before announcing they won so their enemies did not turn them in to the press.

That would work for me duo to I have no family except 3 children and I don’t like talking to people so I don’t have any close friends and I live in a small town so no enemies and I would move before announcing I won, but I do know there is not that many people like me and the odds of the anonymous winners being like me, well lets just say you have a better chance of winning the jackpot 100 times over and we all know that is not going to happen

Name Withheld Wisconsin March 31, 2007

The name wasn't withheld at the beginning but a little while later it wasn’t and this is in a state that don't withhold. some  know who won but Most don’t know who won, I do know who won and I did a check on him I understand why the lottery commotion removed his name, its not every day your look a like wins the jackpot in another state August 25, 2007


LIST OF ALL Trust wins AND Anonymous wins

Rockson, LLC
Washington D.C.
April 8, 2009 Cash $144,000,000 annuity $79,681,116.60 cash


February 28, 2009 Cash $87,200,000 annuity $46,629,112.16 cash


GMTR Investments, LLC
January 17, 2009 Cash $163,200,000 annuity $97,966,541.99 cash


SWS Investments, LLC
November 22, 2008 Cash $57,600,000 annuity $30,815,336.43 cash


Heritage Trust
July 2, 2008 Cash $84,900,000 annuity $41,305,108.74 cash


Monongalia County Tax Office 8
West Virginia
March 15, 2008 Cash $276,300,000 annuity $139,421,731.44 cash


Name Withheld
March 31, 2007 Cash $40,700,000.00 annuity$19,321,993.13 cash


September 27, 2006 Cash $15,000,000.00 annuity$7,170,172.08 cash


WJW Investment Trust
June 17, 2006 Cash $101,800,000.00 annuity
$46,276,534.29 cash


WLT Trust
December 8, 2004 Cash $93,428,155.06



South Carolina June 26, 2004 Cash $34,231,030.83


Cello Investments, LLC
February 22, 2003 Cash $11,301,914.13


 # 3 Powerball

Ohio man COTERAL, DAVID W, 65, wins Why would someone drive to another state a hour out of his way to play PB for 300 mil when he could have played in his state Mega Millions for 200mil The only thing I can think of is GREED for something they don’t know they are going to win with odds 146,107,962.00 million to 1. OR he did know he was going to win with help

(Michaels said "From what I understand, they like Powerball better than what they can get in the Ohio Lottery ) DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION.   


# 4    2 different winners look a like

Powerball  $40,700,000.00 Patrick Nowlin, 65, AND Powerball $314,300,000 DAVID W COTERAL, 65,

 Wisconsin Patrick Nowlin and Ohio COTERAL, DAVID W look a like

 No longer name listed on site his name is
Patrick Nowlin and This is in a state that don't withhold but they had to, Do to Ohio Coterel man (well let’s just say unbelievable circumstances).I still have to email them and ask how the circumstances are possible. Wisconsin man and Ohio man wins Take a look at them, and same age, one is DAVID COTERAL the other 2 pics is Patrick Nowlin, their not exact but makeup can do wonders coincidence or NOT DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION.


# 5  4, 15, 23, 24, 35, and 42: identical lottery draw raises eyebrows - The Sydney Morning Herald - 09/16/2009 20:09

Bulgaria's Sports Minister Svilen Neykov has ordered a special review of the national lottery after the same numbers were picked in straight draws

Lottery double: rigged or not? (01:15)

Our expert says that the Bulgarian lottery might be on the level even though the chances are so remote. 17/09/09

Identical lottery draw was coincidence


Fri Sep 18, 1:25 pm ET

SOFIA (Reuters) – The draw of the same six winning numbers twice in a row in Bulgaria's national lottery was a freak coincidence, officials said Thursday.

Sports Minister Svilen Neikov ordered an investigation after the numbers 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 and 42 were selected, in a different order, by a machine live on television on September 6 and 10. The results caused suspicions of manipulation.

An investigation found no wrongdoing in the draw or determining the winners, its chairman Konstantin Simeonov said.

"We cannot talk about any manipulation," he said.

The chance of the same six numbers coming up twice in two consecutive rounds was one in more than 4 million but was not impossible, respected mathematician Michail Konstantinov has said.

An unprecedented 18 people guessed all six numbers when they were drawn the second time and each got 10,164 levs ($7,700). Nobody won the top prize the first time.

The lottery organizers say it is impossible to tamper with the lottery machine. The draws take place in the presence of a special committee and is broadcast live on national television which guarantee no cheating, they say.

"This is happening for the first time in the 52-year history of the lottery. We are absolutely stunned to see such a freak coincidence but it did happen," a spokeswoman said.



# 6 Powerball & mega million
Lets see if it is just me and the people I know that can see what is unusual, MUSL answer: they did not see anything unusual CAN YOU SEE coming soon

Something strange double on numbers before win


Pay close attention to the winner’s

Maybe you have seen them before if you feel you have maybe one of them is on an old recorded VHS tape or an old newspaper clipping. I have recognized 3 winners


A lot of the proof is old but hasn’t changed any. if they cheated then there cheating NOW there just covering it up better.