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Image by: Tom Faucheux - U-SPI Investigator/photographer

 Notice the mysterious figure on the bottom right corner of this picture. We think it looks like a figure of a woman. What are your thoughts? You can email us your comments at uspi08@aol.com!

                               PHOTO BELOW COURTESY OF THERESA HARDY 


My name is Theresa Hardy. I lost my father in November 2004.The color photo of my father was taken in 2003,the steam picture in 2007. I had just finished watching Maury Povich on paranormal experiences,and they talked of taking pictures in steam, so I believing in it,starting snapping shots.My first 20 pictures or so, I found an image of my father.My sister said no way,I have a picture at home that looks just like this one.I took it to my brother where he cropped it out and added color and matched them up.We all cried,and wondered how this could be. My sister and I have been interested in paranormal activity for some time. I have sent the original which was taken in my kitchen and untouched,and uncropped,(the marks in back are grease) the following pictures are of the crop and coloring,then also a full picture of the original, I would love your input on this picture,and you have my permission to post on your site if you are interested. I have tried to post on ghostvillage.com but for some reason that would not work.thank you for your time and congratulations on your site and your experiences.Theresa


         We have to admit, that this is very interesting.  If you believe you have caught something paranormal in your photos, email them to us! SEND PICS  


                                                The photo below is courtesy of Rebecca H.


My name is Rebecca..While having a family gathering one night at my Mothers house I was taking pictures of everyone that was there and as I  was going through them on my computer I had noticed what seems to be a ghostly face in between my Mother and the Fridge..this is something I cant explain ..Do you see what I see ? If this is of interest to you, you have my permission to post onto your website.. Rebecca H.                         
This photo has been debunked as paranormal activity. What happened is that of a reflection of light from the fridge onto the wall. That is the opinion of our professional photographer, but if you think otherwise you can email your thoughts, and or pics if you have caught something that you believe to be paranormal. 


                                                            USPI INVESTIGATION 11/01/08:

USPI's Tom Faucheux - Photographer/ Investigator captured this Full Body apparition in the basement. figure to the left. (Figure on right is founder doing an EMF scan in the basement.) 11/01/08

Tom Faucheux also captured this shadow near the kitchen - (same investigation as above. 11/01/08)





By Tom Faucheux - Also near Kitchen - shadows on left and figure on right above ball of light, if you look closely you can make out a face. 11/01/2008 




                                                           USPI Investigation 10/18/08 (orb in kitchen)

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These pics below 11/30/2008 Approximately 5 AM (By USPI Founder Eric)

Abandoned House near cemetery - Unique orbs glowing extremely bright, and then a mist on the following picture taken immediately after the 1st.  Note- Orbs appear to be moving at a high speed. 



These pics below taken on 11-30-2008 approximately 5AM (by USPI Founder Eric) Unique orbs in cemetery. The pics above (abandoned house) and this cemetery are within minutes of eachother.

 This photo (above) taken 12/02/2008 approximately 6 AM by USPI Founder: Eric. A mist by the window. If you look closely you might be able to make out a face. Note - there was no chimney smoke or fog this clear morning.

Feel free to tell us what you think in the forum  you can access through the button below or feel free to send us your pics if you believe them to be paranormal, we'll add it to our site! 

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