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How U-SPI was born...                      

  Founder & Lead Investigator - Eric Started U-SPI  because of a life time of personal paranormal experiences and curiosity for the supernatural. Partnered up with his wife and best friend, U-SPI Co- Founder & Manager: Theresa. Together they will uncover the truth about the paranormal, hauntings & stories and hope to shed a "new light" on the unknown.     

 U-spi members have had many years of personal experiences with the paranormal. Now with the technology behind them, they may even prove it to us all! . If you have stories of your own, we would like to add them to our "Your Stories" page so others will see that they are not alone in their experiences. Simply submit them by using our guestbook. Thank you for sharing with U-SPI. We hope to make our community proud! PLEASE READ OUR DISCLAIMER  UNDERNEATH OUR LOGO AT THE TOP OF OUR HOME PAGE BEFORE YOU CONTACT US - THANK YOU!                  

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Just because you can't see it ... Doesn't mean it's not there. 

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In Loving Memory of Carol Yackel ~  You will forever be in our hearts.  



Why do ghosts haunt places/people?

Ghosts/Spirits that have not crossed over, or linger on earth is believed to have unresolved issues, or may not know they are dead.

What should I do, if I believe my house is "haunted?"

If you are uncomfortable with your surroundings, and strange things out of the ordinary are happening, call or email us and we will investigate for free. 

Can a Spirit hurt you?

It is not typical for a spirit to inflict harm, or injury. In some cases, physical contact in the form of scratches, or physical reactions such as nausea & faintness have been reported.

I'd like to join a Paranormal research group, how do I  get started?

Ghost Hunting is not for the faint of heart. If you feel you can handle the unexpected...contact your local paranormal research group and ask to tag along, if you do well, they may bring you on  as part of their team or refer you to a team who is looking for investigators.

My Child thinks he sees a ghost, and is afraid to go to sleep at night, what do I do?

When it comes to a child, it is a very sensitive subject. First I would suggest  an investigation to see if paranormal activity is present. But if you are concerned for your child's state of mind, a children's psycologist or therapist may be helpful. 

         I have weird images on some of my photos, could it be paranormal?

It depends... there are many  ways to debunk what may be believed to be ghosts caught on camera, weather can play a factor such as fog, condensation etc... feel free to send your photos to us by email for our opinion! If your photo does seem to be paranormal, we'll add it to our photo gallery!

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