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If you are having unexplained activity in your home, office or property you may be experiencing paranormal activity. Though about 90% or more of cases can be debunked as a haunting, in about 10% of cases have enough evidence to support paranormal activity. We ask that you first try to find a reasonable explanation for these experiences. Sometimes a traumatic experience, or a change in your life could make you feel uneasy. Sometimes it's a change in your environment, or a loss of a loved one, or simply NORMAL sounds that a house would make, whether it's heating, plumbing or settling.


What We Do:

*First we will Listen to your claims of activity.

*Then we will conduct an interview.

*Do research on the property and or grounds.

*We will then conduct our investigation. 

*After our investigation we will then go over any evidence we may have caught in our cameras, and recorders. Then meet with our clients to reveal our findings if any. Sometimes due to high demand we may call OR Email the client, in cases that no paranormal activity was evident, we thank you for your understanding!


EVPs (electric voice phenomenon) are sounds and voices that may not be heard by the human ear at the times of investigaton, that is captured by a digital voice recorder.   

EMFs (electric magnetic Field) We use an EMF detector to measure for changes in a space that could possibly detect a spirit, if the energy fields change from a base reading to sudden, higher readings.

 We will also use digital cameras , camcorders, temperature gauges and more to try to catch anything paranormal. We will need several hours available to us to run a thorough investigation, sometimes it may be necessary to conduct an investigation for a period of 3 days depending on the type of activity that is reported. We do not charge for our investigations, but  we ask that you be sure that you want an investigation. If your are content with your surroundings there may be no need to take such actions, unless you would like for us to solidify your experiences. But if you are disturbed by the happenings or feeling uncomfortable in your surroundings, we will be glad to help anyway we can, just give us a call! 

 If you would like to join our group:

Please email us why Ghost Hunting appeals to you, your availability and possible skills you could bring to U-SPI. We are located in Southern Maryland  and would most likely bring on those who are near by for when an investigation is needed. This is purly a volunteer agreement, no individuals are paid for their contributions in our investigations.


If you believe you have caught something paranormal in photographs please feel free to email them for feedback.  Note -we are new to this field, but with every investigation our knowledge grows and helping those like you is why we started this group, for answers, and for peace of mind. 

EMAIL US!       As our group expands we will have profiles of each of our members. We will have a gallery of photos that you can decide for yourself if it is paranormal, case stories and more. We look forward to unraveling the truth about the paranormal and making new friends along the way. So let's get started! If you need us to investigate your home or property, email us your name, address of the location to be investigated, your number, the activity you or others have experienced there and we will respond as soon as we can.

Please read our disclaimer underneath our logo at the top of our  Home Page before you contact us. Thank you! 

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