We understand that you may feel vulnerable at this time, asking for help regarding paranormal activity, that's why we want you to know that you're in good hands with USPI. So we've put together a page for REAL TESTIMONIALS from our clients, who submitted them on their own and is written in their own words. 


Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear United Society of Paranormal Investigations:

As you now know, we have been experiencing apparently unexplainable occurrences in our home for over five years. Tapping on dressers, floors doors etc. Doors being held shut, blankets being flipped off of our feet, dark figures at night, and many dozens more. After so many strange occurrences, you begin questioning your own sanity.

In an effort to at least confirm these things are really happening and maybe bring a little comfort into our lives, we tried to find paranormal investigators locally. We found U-SPI on the internet and arranged an investigation.

You arrived at the time you promised. All of your crew were professional, and approached our situation with a serious and intelligent manner.

The equipment brought in was well thought out and ultimately was exactly what was required to attain evidence in our situation.

After six hours or so you accumulated enough evidence to fill three CD’s.
You took care over two weeks to review and review again, to debunk any false evidence.

At the reveal, your crew took great efforts to make certain we understood all of the evidence presented. Photos, videos and audio recordings were fascinating to review. The different media was separated on one CD for each type of evidence, along with written descriptions of the recordings and photos.

I am confident the crew at U-SPI would have reported no paranormal activity if that was the case. But it definitely was not.

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found U-SPI and now can rest a little more comfortably knowing that there are “friendly” cohabitants here with us.

I would recommend them to anyone having this sort of problems.


Dale and Darlene


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