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Thank you for visiting our site! We've designed it to be easy to navigate by fewer links to find the information you need with the most important on top. We are always updating and improving our site, any suggestions are welcome! Have Fun exploring our site!

WE ARE REAL GHOST HUNTERS - SERIOUSLY RESEARCHING THE PARANORMAL PHENOMENA -   Our Team Is Ready To Help You!       Our Service Is FREE!         Submit photos, and stories...    DISCLAIMER:  USPI WILL NEVER FABRICATE EVIDENCE!!! Please be aware that if we do not find evidence of a haunting, that is what we will report to you - if you are not prepared for the truth, either way - then do not ask us to do an investigation.  By agreeing to an investigation, you accept that we will be collecting photos, video and EVP as evidence, and permit us to use as we see fit deeming all data collected as USPI property. We will protect your privacy and will do everything we can to ensure a positive experience.       U-SPI thanks you for your support!       


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Types of Hauntings:

*Intelligent(responsive, interactive)

*Poltergeist (usually created by stress on a subconcious level)

* Residual(replay/deja vu)

*Demonic (non-human orgin, demon)

 to learn more about hauntings and our investigations visit our ABOUT Paranormal Investigations page!


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to the United Society of Paranormal Investigations web site!  We are a team of investigators/Real Ghost Hunters using technology and intuition to find evidence of a haunting or paranormal activity. On this site you will be able to view some of our findings, our members profiles, access to a photo gallery of possible paranormal images, and real paranormal related stories sent to us from people like you! If you are fascinated by the paranormal you may enjoy watching shows on TV like: Ghost Hunters on the sci-fi channel, Wednesdays @9 PM EST, and Paranormal State on the A&E channel, Mondays @10PM EST. But this site is meant for those who believe they have paranormal activity in their home or property that they wish to be investigated.       (see: About Paranormal Investigations page)

We are currently Located in Southern Maryland and though we investigate local cases, we will travel where needed if the case is unique enough to do so, or recommend a paranormal group in your area. U-SPI will never fabricate evidence, so please be aware that if we investigate a location and ther is no evidence to support your claim that is the answer you will get from us. If there is evidence to support your claim we will provide the findings with out tamper nor will any of our conclusions be influenced by emotions. We will gather information, history, and recorded video, audio etc, to determine our conclusion. We will do our best to help you! 

You want answers. We want the proof,  If there's a "smoking gun"... we'll find it!


If you have a house or location that you believe should be investigated, email us the location's address, and why you think it is haunted.




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1. The Myrtles Plantation

2. Gettysburg

3. The Tower of London

4. The Winchester House

5.The Queen Mary

6. Lizzie Borden's House

7. Edinburgh Castle

8. Alcatraz

9. Burley Rectory

10. The Whaley House

11. St. Augustine FL Light House

12. Point Lookout - MD Lighthouse

13. The O.K Corral - Tombstone, AZ

14. Cashtown Inn - Gettysburg, PA 


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