LAB #1 (10/05/11)

Correlation and Simple Regression
1. Correlation: relationship between two variables
    A. Pearson correlation (between two continuous variables)
    B. Point-biserial correlation (between one continuous variable and one binary variable)
    C. Phi correlation (between two binary variables)
2. Simple Regression: 'predictive' relationship between a dependent variable (DV) and an independent variable (IV)
    A. R square = explained variation of the DV by the IV / total variation of the DV = SSR / SST
    B. F test for testing the signficance of R square = MSR / MSE = (SSR/df) / (SSE/df)
    C. t test for testing the signficance of the slope b1
    D. standardized b1
    E. confidence interval for the slope b1
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