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USNA Parent Clubs offer a wonderful source of support and encouragement - particularly for the parents of a new Plebe. After their son or daughter has survived Plebe Summer, parents feel more comfortable about their midshipman and can begin to enjoy the pride they feel at having a son or daughter at the Naval Academy. What better way to share these experiences than with other parents who feel the same way.

Welcome to our Navy Family!


2016 Club Officers

Delaine Mead
Ethan '18/11
Braedon '20

Vice President
Dawn Slavens
John '19/


Kelly Jones
Hamilton  '17/23

Greer Mendelow
Cody '19/3

Plebe Liaisons

for the Class of 2020

Beth Brady (Patrick '17/13)

Allison Kirchmer (Kevin '17/24) 

Class Liaisons
for the Class of 2017
Kelly Jones
Hamilton  '17/23

Alumni Advisor
Debi Johnston
Ian '96, Garth '98, Alec '04

DeeAnn Guthrie
Gray '12/E-6B Aviator
Reed '20

Club Badges

Order your personalized name badges today!
Wear them to club meetings, tailgates, and USNA events.
An instant conversation starter!

Club Badges:
$25 each 


(See link below for order form that needs to be submitted whether you pay by check or PayPal)

Membership Dues:
Plebe Families have two options. 
They can choose to pay once at the beginning of the plebe year and not have to pay again, or they can opt to pay annually.

One time dues for Plebe families: 

You will receive a four year club membership plus two personalized name badges for $200.00. 
Save $50!

PayPal Simple Storefront

So that we can get to know more about you and your family, please print and fill out the membership form 
located at the bottom of the page. You can mail it with your check if paying that way or send by email/mail if you are 
paying through PayPal.  Mailing info is located on the form.

Annual Dues:
Families of current midshipmen - $50.00 

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USNA PCGC Alumni Families - $20.00

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Lifetime Dues option 
for Alumni Families
Pay $100 after your midshipman graduates/commissions and enjoy USNA PCGC 
Club benefits forever.  No need to remember to pay your annual dues!

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DeeAnn Guthrie,
May 19, 2015, 7:02 PM
DeeAnn Guthrie,
May 19, 2015, 7:03 PM