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Kelantan is famous for its Malay arts and handicrafts (mainly batik). The state's most instantly recognizable symbol is the wau bulan ("moon kite"), which has been adopted by Malaysian Airlines as its logo.

List of things to buy:

  • Songket - Silk cloth woven with gold or silver threads. Songket Bazaar is located at Kampung Penambang, north of Kota Bharu.
  • Batik - Printed cloth with very colourful pattern and motifs.
  • Silver - Silverware, jewelry and brooches in the form of Wau Bulan (moon kite) or Wau Kuching (cat kite).
  • Keropok - Fish crackers are available in raw or ready to eat packaging.
  • Woodcarving - Handicrafts made from wood; eg, a pair of decorative fork and spoon.
  • Local souvenirs can be found at Bamboo Fort Bazaar in Kota Bharu.
  • Fake goods (usually made in Thailand) can be found at Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubur. Set aside those fake goods, these two places are shoppers' haven since they are duty-free zones.

Food in Kelantan:

Kelantanese cuisine has several specialities rarely seen elsewhere in Malaysia. The dominant themes are the heavy use of kerabu, a catch-all term covering various herbs and vegetables and often served as an accompaniment to dishes, and the multiple uses found for coconut, which can be found in almost every dish. Thai food is also widely available.

  • ayam percik - grilled chicken with coconut milk sauce
  • laksam Kelantan - the local version of the ubiquitous noodle soup, here served with herbs, rolled-up flat white noodles and a rich white fish and coconut gravy
  • nasi dagang - a mix of white and brown glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk, mild-tasting in itself but served with lots of tasty curries
  • nasi kerabu - spiced yellow rice akin to the Indonesian nasi kuning, served with a vast assortment of fresh herbs and fried coconut. Note that in most of the rest of the country, nasi kerabu means rice that has been dyed a shocking shade of blue!
  • nasi tumpang - rice rolled up in a banana leaf so it resembles an ice-cream cone shape, with omelette, curry and meat floss packed inside.

Popular desserts and snacks include akok (wrinkled cake), bahulu (cakes) and keropok ikan (fish cracker).

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