The USM Chemistry Club performs the following demonstrations.
Each performance varies due to time constraints and access to materials.
If you would like a specific demonstration to be done please feel
 free to make a request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Ethanol Rocket
A small amount of ethanol is sprayed into an empty soda bottle and is lit. 
The force exerted from the ethanol vapor sends the "rocket" flying across the floor!

Non-Newtonian Fluid
A mixture of corn starch and water is poured into the center of a speaker and
 then music is played. The force that the low frequency from the speaker
exerts on this non-Newtonian fluid causes the liquid to appear as a solid!

Disappearing Spoon
A spoon made from gallium is stirred into some hot water, 
and the metal dissolves right before your eyes!

A small amount of iron oxide and aluminum powder is poured into a sand bath. 
The mixture is ignited with a piece of magnesium metal which starts 
a magnificent burst of sparks and leaves behind molten iron! 

Liquid Nitrogen
A variety of fruits, ping pong balls, gloves, and other random materials
 are immersed into liquid nitrogen and smashed!

Hydrogen Balloon

Exploding Balloons
Several balloons are filled with air, hydrogen, and a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen are blown up!

Burning Money
A one dollar bill is soaked in a solution of ethanol and water and set on fire.
While the bill appears to be on fire, the flame goes out and the bill is still intact!
Water-lock Polymer
A small amount of water-lock polymer is added to a beaker and then 50 mL of 
water is added to the beaker. After a little agitation the liquid becomes thick and will 
stay in the beaker even if it is tipped upside down!

M+M Combustion
A small amount of potassium chlorate is poured into a vial and heated with a butane torch.
Once the solid becomes a liquid a M+M is dropped into the vial and a spectacular purple flame is created!

Blue and Red Bottle
A seemingly uninteresting bottle of what appears to be water is shaken.
Suddenly the clear liquid turns red and then blue, and then back to clear!

A match is held to a moss spore that has been poured onto a watch glass - it does not ignite.
A lighter is lit and the moss spore is sprayed into the air and it creates an incredible flame!

Clock Reaction
Unknown solutions are poured into a beaker, after a few moments the solutions begins to change color.
The solution will then oscillate between, clear, amber, and purple!

Purple Cabbage: Acids and Bases
A purple cabbage is blended and its juice is poured into three beakers.
In the first beaker baking soda is added, in the second beaker vinegar is added,
and nothing is added to the third. The change is pH will change the color of the solution!

Dry Ice: Acids and Bases
A 1500 mL graduated cylinder is filled with a 0.1 M solution of NaOH. 
A few mL of universal indicator is added to the cylinder and stirred. Next, a generous 
handful of dry ice is added to the graduated cylinder. As the solution becomes
more acidic it will colors from blue, to green, and finally yellow!

Green Fire  (NEW)
 A small amount of a copper salt is poured onto a watch glass. 
A small amount of ethanol is added to the salt and then set on fire. 
The resulting flame is green!

Quantum Dots (NEW)
 Several small vials containing cadmium selenide quantum dots are exposed to UV light.
Under normal lighting the vials range in color from clear, yellow and orange. 
However, under UV light, the quantum dots fluoresce blue and green!