Return to respect

The Staff regulations which came into force on January 1st 2014 with the support of certain Unions considerably worsened our working conditions within the institutions. Nobody would deny that.

The Implementing Provisions which were adopted by the Commission made things even worse.

 Flexitime which was meant to make it possible to reconcile working life and private life was emptied of all its purpose by the way it was implemented by the administration. (For example by decreeing that the number of days of annual leave that could be carried forward would be reduced by any days of time off in lieu (récupération) that you had).

Union Syndicale abhors these practices and will fight them all the way through the Court. Union Syndicale is also very aware of the fact that nobody in charge of the new staff regulations seems to care about the effect that longer working hours have on parents who have to collect their children from the "crèches" , the extra stress in their daily life and the health impact on themselves and those children.

Nobody seemed to care about the consequences of a longer working day, imposed without negotiation or compensation on many colleagues ’mental and physical health in the Commission.

 Nobody seemed to care about the way the medical service would handle ever more requests for time off on sick leave, depression, and burn-outs. Not to mention the additional stress caused directly by the PMO’s constant refusals to make refunds as it becomes ever more inclined to nit-pick, sometimes, illegally in applying often incomprehensible rules. Sometimes the answers are easy: The administration intends to make people work more and more at any cost to them in its efforts to show how it’s saving money.

A string of false truths and sad bean counting which leaves no place for human beings.
A sad administration made up of dehumanized accountants.

Since 2014, Belgian law requires employers to set-up systems to prevent employees’ psychological and social harm of whatever nature. Presumably, our administration will set-up some sort of penny pinching mechanism to pay lip-service to Belgian law in the way it seems to like doing.

Union Syndicale, on the other hand, actually wants colleagues to be respected by the Commission, their employer. The Commission’s very role should make it aspire to be a model employer which is far from being true today.

Union Syndicale demands that the administration finally take the measure of how many of our colleagues are in real difficulties in the workplace and set up a genuine social network to help them face up to those problems. Whether they be personal or work related or even harassment, it is no longer acceptable to go on with the past piecemeal approach to these problems which deserve a genuine solution. 

Union Syndicale will carefully monitor the Commission as it puts in place the mechanisms to deal with these issues. If the Commission is to provide a quality service it needs to have staff which can provide that quality which means motivated, respected and with a degree of well-being.