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CLP committees

One of the important tasks of the Staff Committee is to oversee the work of the staff representatives it appoints to the many joint committees which exist in the field of personnel policy. These committees may be inter-institutional, such as the Medical Insurance Management Committee, central to the whole Institution, such as the Joint Committee on Staff Reports or local to a particular place of employment, such as the Local Training Committee. The Staff Committee also appoints staff’s representatives to selection boards.

The local committees are:
  • Housing Committee 
  • Canteen Management Committee
  • Committee on Health & Safety (CHST)
  • Hard working conditions Committee
  • Antenna COPEC
  • Early childwood (COGEPE)
  • Local Mobility Committee
  • Ispra Site Development Group
  • Viabilità
  • Rapporteur Formation (RAFO)
  • Videosorveglianza
The inter-institutional committees are
  • Management Committee for the Joint Sickness Insurance – CGAM (local representative AMORE Angiola)
  • Common Joint Committee – COPARCO (local representative CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Clara)
  • Staff regulations Committee (local representative NAUWELAERS Paul, deputy DI FABIO Fabiana)

  • Joint Committee contractual agents selection AC (local representative deputy BARDELLI Paolo)
  • Joint Committee on attestation
  • Joint Committee on certification (local representative CARDINALI Angela)
  • Deliberative Committee for certification training
  • Joint Committee – COPAR (local representative CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Clara)
  • CDR Joint Committee
  • Advisory Committee on quality control of access tests
  • Joint Committee of Follow-up, evaluation of Contract Staff – Exercise 2010
  • Joint reclassification Committee for Contract Staff (AC3bis) (local representative DALMASSO Raffaele)
  • Joint Committee on equal opportunities – COPEC (local representative ALABRESE Robert, deputy LIBEAU-DULOS Monique)
  • Joint Monitoring Committee (Advisors) AD 13
  • Joint Committee for the appointment of middle management staff
  • Rapporteurs middle management
  • AD Evaluation and Promotion Committee (CPEP AD) (local representative DI PIETROGIACOMO M. Paola)
  • AST Evaluation and Promotion Committee (CPEP AST) (local representatives MONTARETTO MARULLO Umberto, TEDESCHI Roberto)
  • Working group on promotion AD and AST Committee
  • Steering Committee on training – CDF (local representative DI FABIO Fabiana)
  • Reports Committee (end of probation report) (local representative deputy MISTRI Silvana)
  • Joint working party for the periodic review of the grading of local staff
  • Advisory Committee on welfare grants and loans – CCOPS (local representative AUTERI Davide)
  • Social services administrative board – CASS (local representatives BOCCI Fabio, deputy LIBEAU-DULOS Monique)
  • Management Committee of the Office for Infrastructure and logistic in Brussels - OIB
  • Management Committee of the Office for Infrastructure and logistic in Luxembourg – OIL
  • Management Committee of the paymaster office – PMO
  • Management Committee of EPSO
Our children our future
  • Flanking group for European schools
  • Joint Committee for the reimbursement of exceptional educational costs
  • Technical group for the coordination of competitions for research staff (GTCCR) (local representatives ERMOLLI Monica, KENNY Robert, deputies GEMELLI Marco, STROBL Peter)
  • Technical Group on coordination of training for research staff – GTCF-CCR
  • Committee on research staff mobility
  • Committee of reclassification of the temporary staff – JRC
Staff regulations
  • Disciplinary Board 
  • Specialised financial irregularities panel

Other Staff representation
  • Groupe ad hoc (local representative PERALTA Rogerio)
  • Groupe Interservices demandes et réclamations – Art. 90 - GIS
  • DGT – Groupe paritaire mobilité
  • Comité d’évaluation 3ème langue