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17 December - Lettre à Mme Souka, directeur Général DG HR - Demande de concertation technique sur le projet DGE Agents Contractuels (FR)
A l'issue du cycle de concertations administratives (DGE) et eu égard à l'accord cadre, les OSP signataires demandent l'ouverture d'une concertation technique dont les motifs sont detaillés dans le document joint (lien ci-dessus)

From January 2014, the Staff Regulations provide for an "automatic" annual updating of remuneration based on data from Eurostat. The Council thus no longer needs to adopt a regulation, as it did in the past. This was the only positive point for us in the 2014 reform, thanks to energetic mobilisation of the staff in the Council. It is worth pointing out that since the 1970s, earlier versions of the “Method” have always been the result of strikes, often of long duration, by the staff at the urging of Union Syndicale ...

                       Promotions in the commission: words, words, words (EN)
                       Promotions Commission.. paroles, paroles, paroles (FR)

Union Syndicale has scrutinized the new rules for you and believes that they show even greater openness towards this kind of work pattern.

2 October - GENERAL ASSEMBLY, amphiteater building 36 at 12:00
US-I, which is part of the Union Syndicale Fédérale, will meet the Cabinet of Commissioner Mr Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education and Culture, on Monday 12th of October 2015. This is a great opportunity to be active part in the discussion. Come and share with us your ideas, hopes and expectations for the future of the Ispra Site.

20 September
- The agora magazine(74) has been published (articles in English and French)

                        Infrastructures du CCR, quel avenir?

4 September - Reply of Mr Braz (Luxembourg Justice Minister) to Union Syndicale Federale (FR)

3 Agosto -  Two letters in french sent by Union Syndicale Federale  to the Luxembourg minister Braz about the reform of Court of Justice and
 to the director of DG HR on the situation in Greece

25 Giugno - Results of the elections for Brussels Local Section of the Staff Committee
(June 9, 10 and 11th, 2015)

23 Giugno
- Nuova composizione del Comitato e del Bureau Federal

15 Giugno - Bando di concorso generali per Medici (AD 11) per i siti di Bruxelles, Lussemburgo e Ispra

9 June - New books are available to be better prepared for EPSO competitions.
The books have been published by ORSEU and can be obtained from our secretariat in English and French at very good prices
Read more

5 June -
The tribunal finds, one again, in favour of Union Syndicale.
The evaluation and promotion system is condemned
(read in EN or in FR)

20 Aprile - Results of the elections of the ISPRA/SEVILLE Staff Committee

10 Aprile - JRC: Not to forget who we are
There is an aspect of JRC life which often goes untouched in electoral campaigns for the JRC unions’ representatives. This unspoken element is What JRC is about, Whether it is on a good path, Whether there are looming dangers or opportunities for the JRC as a functional entity within the larger organism of the European Commission, Whether the JRC existence could be in danger

7 Aprile - Ispra/Seville Local Staff Committee ELECTIONS 13 - 14- 15 April

Why voting for list 6 (in Spanish)
Why voting for list 6  (in English)
Why voting for list 6 ( in Italian)

As in the past, due to the fact that we are the largest, our representatives currently participate actively in the meetings with DGs both at political level (conciliations) and at the institutional level (Joint Committees) in order to:
  • Give support on the social aspects for you and your family (European school, Creche, Garderie, AIACE)
  • Improve the Staff Regulations
  • Fight against insecurity and uncertainty
  • Defend the Method, the Weighting and salary adjustments
  • Act to protect pensions
  • Define career structures
  • Ensure the correct application of promotion procedures
  • Guarantee the correct attribution of the various allowances
  • Improve the health insurance reimbursement system
  • Defend the regulations for shift work and on-call duty 

We ensure and preserve the quality of teaching in the European School of Varese, opposing any attempt to convert to different types of European schools and we will continue to:
  • Defend the Dutch/Flemish section, which has long been at risk of disappearance. The loss of this section is unacceptable!
  • Keep the presence of native teachers seconded by the Member States
  • Ensure the right to the school for the sons of colleagues that terminate the contract during the school year with no costs for families!
  • Intervene on the Italian Government for the contribution annually provided for the European School of Varese (expect 400 k € for maintenance work at the school)
  • Continue to say that the European School direction must be able to intervene in the selection of teachers coming from the Member States
  • Continue to ask JRC to intervene to ensure the two buses carrying the students from the school to the Garderie: about 80 families are waiting, and unfortunately not all unions seem to have the same position on it!!! The time is running out!
23 Marzo - Publication of the AGORA Magazine No 73 
 AGORA is the US' quarterly and it is written mainly in French.
- Article in english on the Court of Justice proposal to abolish the Civil Service Tribunal (CST)
17 March - Vice-president Georgieva is going to meet the Trade Unions. The following points are in the agenda.
Situation in Luxembourg
Contractual agents
Equal opportunity
Synergies and efficiency gains
The mobility inside the Commission
Union Syndicale has been pleased to witness a certain amount of change and greater openness in the Social Dialogue than we had grown accustomed to and
on the occasion of International Women’s Day we’d like to draw your attention to an endangered species in our midst: women in the role of Director General and Deputy Director General.
5 March - As International Women’s Year approaches it is probably time to take a close look at recent developments in equal opportunities in the Commission.... (read more)
2 March - The new JRC internal collaborative platform, Connected@JRC, has been officially launched on 2 March. Connected@JRC is part of the Connected Commission collaborative environment which has over 8,000 users from all DGs. After a pilot in 2014, the JRC joins DG CNECT in using Connected as its main internal communication and collaboration tool. This platform will become a one-stop-shop for all internal JRC information 
25 Febbraio - Staff General assembly for the nomination of the electoral bureau to prepare the next Local Staff Committee (LSC) elections and regarding the LSC activities 2012-2015.
25 Febbraio - Publication of the 2014 Commission Staff Survey.
Staff's satisfaction with their job, job content and level of responsibilities have all gone down from last year
Only 36% of staff feel that general mobility in the commission is encouraged
Only 30% of staff are satisfied with the relationship between work performance and their own carrier progression

16 Febbraio - Note for the attention of Vice-President Georgieva - Request to open negotiations with trade unions and staff associations regarding the promotion system

5 Febbraio  Promozioni 2014, l'arbitrarietà purtroppo regna  US-I continua a battersi per ritornare ad un sistema (con o senza punti) equo e trasparente..... legge di piu IT, FR, EN. La data ultima per presentare il vostro reclamo è venerdi 13 febbraio 2015

26 gennaio - The European commission’s president, Jean-Claude Juncker, has revealed which research areas funded by Horizon 2020 – the EU’s main research funding programme – would suffer a total of €2.7 billion in budget cuts to help finance his proposed economic stimulus plan.The single biggest loser will be the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in Budapest. The EIT would see its funding cut by a total of €350 million over the next six years, beginning with a reduction of €70 million this year (a fall of 13 percent). The European Research Council’s (ERC) funding would be cut a total of €221 million, but the cuts will not start until 2016. Overall, Horizon 2020 will lose €860 million of its planned budget in 2016, €871
million in 2017 and €479 million in 2018

8 gennaio - Notice of open competition EPSO/AST-SC/03/15 — Secretaries/Clerks (SC 1 and SC 2) in the following fields: 1. Administrative support, 2. Financial support, 3. Secretarial support - deadline 17 February 2015

8 gennaio - Tutti noi siamo Charlie - l'US-I ritiene di dover esprimere il proprio dolore ed il proprio sconcerto per il massacro avvenuto a Parigi. Il nostro primo pensiero e la nostra solidarietà vanno  alle vittime innocenti, giornalisti e agenti di Polizia,  ed alle loro Famiglie, colpiti da una violenza feroce e  brutale.......(IT, FR)